Chapter 4 - 25 year old virgin

Sofia : me, michael and brad are coming over, we got weed and drinks

Nia : wait, who said i wanted to smoke or drink?

Sofia : i know you do, plus you need some drinks and some weed

Nia : okay lol

I change into a black crop top and some black shorts and makes me some food while i wait for them. 15 minutes later i hear the front door as sofia, brad and michael comes walking inside.

"hey" i jump on sofia hugging her as she hugs me back.

"hey nia" brad hugs me.

"hi" i hug him back.

"I got some Bacardi and Hennessy" Sofia digs in the bag pulling the bottles out and putting them on the counter "i'll get some shot glasses" Sofia walks into the kitchen grabbing some shot glasses as michael and brad sits.  I sit down next to michael as sofia starts walking back over with the shot glasses and sits.

Michael starts rolling up and all i could think of is other places his tongue can be. "why you watching me so hard?" michael asks with a laugh.

"i wasn't" i reply.

"yes, you were"

"no i wasn't" i laugh "leave me alone"

"whatever you say" he continues to roll up.

Once he's done he sparks up and we begin to drink and smoke while talking. A few minutes later i look up at michael to see him staring me up and down with a smirk.

The things i wish he could do to me. All i could think of is him kissing all over my body, Touching my body and making me feel so good. Thinking of these thoughts makes me a little horny as i clench my thighs together.

"So i think we should spice this up some, a bit of truth or dare?" Sofia asks with a smirk.

"yeah sure" michael answers.

"okay so when you come up with a dare or question for someone just blurt it out" sofia replies.

"so nia, truth or dare?" brad asks me.

"hmmm... truth" i reply.

"what's the most freakiest thing you've ever done?"

"um" i pause and starts to think "i once gave jaden head in the back of a cab" i say with a laugh.

"oh damn" brad replies with a laugh "when you gonna start doing stuff like that?" he pokes sofia.

"boy shutup, truth or dare?" sofia asks michael.


"i dare you to lick the bottom of my feet" sofia laughs as she takes her shoes and socks off.

"your feet better be clean" michael makes a disgusted face as he grabs her foot licking the bottom of them then drops them.

"my feet are always clean"

"truth or dare?" i ask sofia.


"i dare you to drink a concoction that i make for you"


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