Chapter 3 - 25 year old virgin

Michael : hey, it's michael

My whole face lights up as i smile and texts him back.

Nia : hey

Michael : we're still on for later?

Nia : yeah

Michael : okay

I set my phone down when michael starts texting me again.

Michael : Send me a picture of you

Nia : i look a mess right now

Michael : i doubt it, please?

I take a quick pic of me sending it to him then sets my phone back down. I turn on the blow dryer and starts drying my hair. Michael texts me again and i unlock my phone to read it.

Michael : you look beautiful as always

Nia : thank you

Michael : anytime beautiful

I set my phone down and looks in the mirror and starts blushing.

Honestly what is wrong with me? I just got out a relationship and i'm thinking about kissing someone else, it's even worse because the someone else is my bestfriend cousin.

I try not to think about michael as i finish drying my hair then walks downstairs making me something to eat. The front door starts unlocking and in walks Jaden.

"What are you doing here?"

"You weren't replying to any of my texts or calls so i came to see you, let me explain about what you saw the other day"

"What i saw was you fucking someone else, there's nothing for you to explain, now give me my key" I walk to him snatching the key out of his hand.

"Nia please, i'm so sorry, i was so tired of waiting for you"

"I don't wanna hear your lame ass excuses, get out my house"

"Nia, just listen to me!" He grabs a glass vase throwing it "I'm trying to talk to you" He grabs me pushing me up against the wall.

"Get off me"

He grabs my phone throwing it across the room "I'm done with you" He storms off and leaves.

I walk over to my phone seeing that the screen is cracked and it won't turn on. Tears start rolling down my face as i sit down leaning against the cabinet. I sit there for a while when i hear someone at the front door. The door opens and in walks Sofia and Michael.

"Nia, are you okay?" Sofia rushes over to me followed by Michael.

"Yes i'm fine" I wipe away my tears as Sofia helps me up.

"What was going on here?" Michael asks.

"Ex boyfriend drama"

"Did he hurt you?"

"No i'm fine"

"Stop saying you're fine, how did he get in here anyways?" Sofia asks.

"I forgot to get my key from him, but all he did was break a vase"

"yeah, and your phone" Sofia says as she picks my phone up off the floor.

"Where does this boy live?" Michael asks.

"You can't be in any fights while you're here michael"

"I never said i was gonna fight him, I just wanna go talk"

"Michael just leave it alone" I say.

"Okay, i will"

"Let me get this" Sophia takes the key putting it in her bag "I can't believe he broke your phone"

"How much would it cost to get it fixed?" Michael asks.


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