Chapter 2 - 25 year old virgin

"hey y'all, i'll be right back" Michael walks off.

I start dancing with Sofia again when i notice Michael walk up to a girl and start talking to her. I watch as she grabs his hand leading him onto the dance floor then starts to dance with him. She grinds on him trying to be all sexy and i could tell from his face he was liking it.

"I need some more drinks" I walk off from Sofia ordering me some more drinks. I sip my drinks as i watch Michael dance with some other girls.

I know he's not my man but i was getting super jealous seeing these other girls dance on him. I decided i was gonna have my own fun.

After finishing my drinks i walk back on the dance floor and starts dancing on some random boy. I look over to see if Michael is looking and sees him kissing some girl.

"hey, can i get your number?" The stranger asks me.

"Sure" I grab his phone putting my number into it.

"okay well i'll call you later"

"bye" i grab around the back of his neck pulling him in and kissing him.

He smiles and walks off and i look through the crowd for Sofia to see her still dancing with people.

"Having a good time huh?" I turn to see Michael standing next to me.

"it's whatever"

"if you're not having a good time we can get out of here and go somewhere else"

"Like where?"

"Anywhere, we can go see a movie, get something to eat, whatever you wanna do"

"Just me and you?"

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