Chapter 5 - 25 year old virgin

"finally you're up, michael went out to get us some breakfast"

"okay" i wipe my eyes and sits down next to them.

"hey nia" sofia asks.


"where'd you get this hickey from?" sofia points to my neck.

"what hickey?"

"you got a hickey on your neck nia, don't play stupid"

"no i don't" i grab my phone looking into the mirror and ignoring the big hickey.

"oh my god..." sofia gives me a look.


"come upstairs and talk to me" sofia grabs me up by my arm as i follow her upstairs and into my room.

"what?" i ask again.

"that hickey on your neck looks pretty fresh and wasn't anyone else in the house but brad and michael and i know damn well it wasn't brad so tell me what's going on"

"this is an old hickey, i would never with michael"

"don't be keeping shit from -" before sofia could finish brad and michael comes walking in.

"next time knock" sofia says.

"shutup and come eat" michael says.

We follow them downstairs as we sit and starts to eat. Every time i look over to Michael i get butterflies in my stomach, all i can think about is our time in the shower.

After eating sofia, brad and michael gets ready to leave.

"i need to take a shower, i'll be back later tho" sofia kisses me on the cheek.

"okay, see you later"

Everyone leaves and i walk off upstairs to take my own shower.


Later on around 4:30pm

Michael hasn't really talked to me that much since last night, he hasn't texted me either and he texts me everyday, so i give him the first text.

Nia : hey

I wait for 6 minutes when i get a reply

Michael : hey

Nia : so are we just gonna act like nothing happened last night ?

Michael doesn't reply for a while until he finally writes me back.

Michael : i was drunk, i don't remember anything really

Nia : oh.

Michael : oh what?

Nia : nothing.

Michael : it's not nothing, tell me.

I ignore him, you can't just play with my feelings like that.

I walk into the kitchen grabbing me a bottle of patron and taking some shots with some orange juice. I sit in my room watching tv and drinking for an hour when i hear someone knocking at the front door. I stand walking to the door and unlocking it to see michael standing there.

"what are you doing here?" I ask.

"you weren't responding to me so i came over to make sure you're okay"

"I'm fine..." I laugh.

"you don't look fine" he grabs my arm.

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