Chapter 4 - 100 Days With Mr Romero

Everything was prepared already. I had bathed myself with women perfume, shaved every nook and crannies there was to clear. It's not like he hasn't seen it but still. After making sure the coast was clear, I put myself in a short white gown, accompanying it with light blue earrings. If he wasn't to mind, we could grab some dinner.

Panic settled in me, washing and rushing past my mind like a glow of river. What if he refused to come? What if he decided I wasn't worth his time and decided to pass? I mean, he was Gideon. What if breeze blew away the address from the table and he couldn't find it? Something told me though, he would have still been able to track me down.

And so I waited, an hour passed, two hours passed. There wasn't a specific time and I thought that maybe I had dresses too early. I had been ready since 6:00pm. And so I went on and on, waiting for the time when he would finally arrive.

Like an expected event, Gideon didn't show up at all. I got up from the living room couch when it was passed midnight, using a little bit of annoyance to eat the already cold dinner I had prepared. I slid off my pretty gown, throwing it on the floor and putting myself in my sulky PJ's. A big T shirt and shorts.

I just landed on the bed when my ringtone suddenly interrupted me. I did a little search party before finding the phone where it has been hiding, underneath the bed. I briefly used my right hand to hold my hair up from obstructing my view while I bent down to pick it.

"Hey babe." I grunted into the phone, slightly disappointed it wasn't who I was expecting. The caller ID had showed Lily's name. Didn't she have something to do?

"What happened?" Lily asked, her tone dropping to that of an affectionate lady she could prove to be, sometimes.

"He didn't come. Didn't show up." I don't know why I was already emotional but I guess it hurt my pride and prejudice and ego to realize he had found someone better. And just maybe he hadn't been pleased with what he saw.

But then, he was eating my pussy like a starving man!

"Hey love. If he didn't show up, then that's his loss. He just missed a big opportunity to bury himself with a heat full of sweet things and heaven." The fact that she was actually serious made me laugh out loud.

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