Chapter 3 - 100 Days With Mr Romero

My thoughts were scattered and haywire as I zipped my dress up. My back was twisted and arms turned diagonally to reach the zip point. That, that had been the best orgasm I had, had in my whole entire life and I couldn't help but look forward to tonight.

I walked shamelessly past the elevator leading to the entrance of the bar, my hands raised to set up a cab. A long shadow leaned in right in front of me, blocking the early morning sun which was previously reflecting through my eyes. I raised my eyebrow.

"I was instructed to get you to wherever you are going ma'm." A deep voice resonated and I blinked twice at the face of the man. His eyes were covered by deep back sun shades, wearing a luxurious suit

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I ordered an...." my speech was cut off my the man, "yes ma'am. I know. Big boss ordered me to do so."

"Big boss? I don't think I know anyone called that." I spoke, doing a quick survey through my memory.

"Uhm, the owner of this club, Mr Gideon." I could almost hear an eye roll in his tone.

I stood there, tongues twisted, nose flaring as I almost opened my mouth agape. "You.. you uhm, you mean Gideon is the owner of this bar? This bar?!" I tried my best to control my erratically beating heart.

"Yes ma'am. Now, shall we?" He opened the back door of the white SUV and I tried my best not to swoon. But that's didn't stop me from feeling and inhaling the soft leather chair as it's unique scent wafted into my nostrils.

Gawd, this is life!

My room still remained the same way as I had left it. Clothes were scattered around the beds, makeup kits laying out hopelessly out of the tool box. Soft cool air blew in alignment right from the hallway, passed the open doors and into the room. Suffice to say, it was scattered.

But that wasn't my main concern as I threw myself on the soft bed. My body bobbed and bounced up and I let out a loud squeak. Oh my gosh, Gideon. The Gideon Brunch had just bent before me and eaten me out like I was the only food he could gurgle down the whole day.

Oh my gosh, I could be screaming out loud if I wasn't subconsciously worried I'd faint due to too much excitement. Worse still, he was coming over today. Oh wait, he was coming over tonight. And I was still freaking digesting what had just happened.

The ringtone of my phone cut me out of my day dream and I almost rolled my eyes when I peeped the caller ID.

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