Chapter 5 - 100 Days With Mr Romero

"How do you want it? Do you want us to go straight ahead or you need a little time to cool off?" Gideon's deep voice reverberated throughout the entire room.

Suddenly, I was nervous and I was beginning to feel sweat trickle into the inside of my palm. Maybe it was because I had canceled all plans of ever sleeping with him in my mind, whatever it was, was resulting to uncontrollable nerves. I pushed my fingers together to try to control my nerves a little.

I felt my fingers shake a bit, and I cleared my throat. "I think it'd be better to cool off before diving into it. Except you have somewhere to go?" I asked more of stated.

Gideon raised his hands to his chin, he was in a white suit and brown leather shoes. His lips were pinched together in thoughts and I was starting to have wild thoughts about them. Slowly but discreetly, I clutched my heating thighs together, briefly gazing out the window.

The horizon of an incoming storm was shaped haphazardly on the sky. Tinges of pink and light green colors blended and flowed richly with the blue darkness of the sky. The few trees surrounding the neighborhood flowed in a left right manner, causing more excitement to the incoming air.

Dogs from neighboring houses barked in their highest tune, probably excited or scared even about the position the storm was about to dance into.

"Diving," Gideon's voice interrupted me. "I like the sound of that, but not as much as I wish to dive into you." He finished, basking out a slow seductive wink. At that moment, if there had been anything liquid in my mouth, I could swear I would have spat it out.

Unbothered by my lack of response and sudden muteness, his gaze raked me from the toes, moving slowly. I felt the heat in me when his eyes landed directly on my V shape covered by the shorts I had put on before retiring to bed. My nipples were starting to harden underneath the big shirt.

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