Chapter 2 - Sold to the Ruthless Sex Master


"What are you doing here?"she cut her off surprised and Lily sighed.

"please, I'm here for something important and urgent, please give me audience"she pleaded and Maura stare at her for a while.

"okay follow me"

"Hah! thanks"she smiled in relief and trail behind her, she look around the corridor and was quite bedazzled.

It was newly furnished, the place wasn't like this when she came here two years ago.

"I think she's now richer"she mumbled silently and soon they got to an office, the guard following them opened the door and the two of them walked inside the office.

"Wow "a gasp escape her lips and Maura chuckled.

she tried touching the wall but her mom stopped her.

"Don't you dare, does this place looks like your father's impoverished house?, letting you in does not mean you should pass your boundary".

"I'm sorry"lily apologized quickly and took her seat but remain standing, the guard dropped her bag on the couch before walking out leaving them alone in the office.

"I thought you vowed you won't step your feet into this place anymore? , so why are you here? , why can't you keep to your words ?"she asked rather mockingly and she sighed.

"I came here for something important and urgent please"

"Then why are you here? "

" Few months ago, Hayden was sick and diagnosed of leukemia, the doctors said we should pay huge amount of money, dad tried raising the money but he couldn't, he had no choice than to borrow the money from the devil".

"Lucian?"she asked surprised and she nodded.

"Before he borrowed him the money, he said there must be a collateral, since dad didn't have any tangible property, he had to use me as a collateral. Unfortunately for us, , we aren't able to refund the money, he came to our house this morning to warn us, we are only given two days ultimatum mom but we don't have any hope of paying the money back, please help us"she begged going down on her knees and her mom smiled.

"Hmph, I don't really know where to start Lily but I have to start somewhere, firstly, why is your father too dumb to the extent that he borrowed money from the devil, isn't he scared of the name at all?"

"We have..."

"Hey am still talking"she snapped cutting her off and she bowed immediately.

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