Chapter 1 - Sold to the Ruthless Sex Master

Surprisingly for them, a flashy car drive into the compound, it surprised them a lot because no one has ever came to their compound with a flashy car, besides, it's a slum area which irritates the rich very much.

"Who could be this Dad?"

"I don't..."

"Wait..."He suddenly said not talking to anyone in particular and Lily turned to look at him.

"Lucian... that's Lucian car, I saw it in his mansion the day I went to collect the money for Jason treatment"

"What!"She scream in shock.

No seer need to tell Lily that they are in trouble, a deep mess at that, For a while Lucian to visit them , she somehow felt that this visit is not going to end well.

She cling to his dad in fear as the door open automatically and they expect him to come out to them.

Few moments passed before he step out of the car, he put on his dark glass and walk a little but levelly towards them, both shift back in fear thinking he's coming to them but he stopped halfway amd lean beside his car.

Mr Alejandro trembled in fear and beads of sweat broke on Lily's face as she stare at the greek god in front of her.

He look so handsome more than the pictures in the magazine, he was a little bit muscular and his six packs threatening to tear the shirt he wore, his dark curly hair covering his left eye make him look hotter.

He's handsome.

"Hello Mr Alejandro"He said and his lips form a smirk.

"Good morning sir"

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