Chapter 4 - Sold to the Ruthless Sex Master

Lily Pov

She opened the door to the room after she had knock and granted her permission to enter.

I trail behind her inside and my eyes landed on him at the window, his back view tho.

"Sir, the guys brought her here already, she's here"

"Okay, you can leave"He said coldly and she turned to leave but not without glaring at me with hatred in her eyes.

I haven't spent up to thirty minutes here and she hate me already, I wonder what I have done to her.

Few minutes passed and he stood at the window without turning to me, after a while, he turned and our eyes met, I was gobsmacked when my eyes landed on his dark curly hair framing his face.

Perfect Jawline, Full eyebrows, Smooth...

This guys is too cute just that his darker side made him more scary to me.

"Are you done staring?"He asked smirking and I lower my head immediately.

"So you and your father aren't able to pay the money at the end of the day despite giving you guys two days ultimatum to provide it?"He rasped and I sniffed.

"It wasn't our fault sir, things has not been moving do well for us this days but we promised to pay very soon, please let me go"I pleaded and he let out a short laugh.

"Did you think I'll collect the money back from your father even if he's ready to pay?, You're my slave already, a sex slave at that and I'm not ready to release you anytime soon"He said and I cringe at his words.

A slave?

A sex Slave?

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