Chapter 5 - Sold to the Ruthless Sex Master

Lily Pov

I start undressing myself in earnest according to her instructions and after I'm done with that, she prepared a milk bath for me and I wash myself thoroughly inside the bath tub enjoying the warm water on my skin.

Within a hour, she's done bathing me and instructed the maid to serve my meal.

After eating, she made me seat on the bed amd drag a chair towards me, she sat on the chair and stare at me keenly.

"So I'm going to outline some of the rules and regulations guiding this place"

"Firstly, fighting is prohibited, no matter how much the person provoke you, don't try to fight with him or her, Secondly, Some work will be assigned to you after Lucian is done deciding what you'll be doing in the palace, you might be in charge of cleaning the cars, sweeping or feeding the dogs and failure to do the work assigned to you will make you be in deep mess, Fourthly, You should try to obey all the rules Lucian will set fro you, he can be brutal and I don't want you to fall into it, The fifth one, Don't try to be slow and incorrigible when Lucian is talking to you, you should try to do things accurately and quickly without mistakes, if Lucian said you should go kill your Dad, obey before complain so you won't be in trouble, The sixth rule, Lucian has a sex worker , her name is Bethany, She's quite cunny and rude, try to avoid her including Becky, the lady who led you to Lucian when you arrive, they are very dangerous, there are other minor rules but I will tell you the rest you need to know later"

"Okay thanks a lot"I mumbled and she smiled.

I hope I will be able to remember all the rules she mentioned because my mind isn't even at the right state now.

At Night In Lucian Mansion.

She handed me a white transparent gown with white undies and I furrow my brows.

"Wear that, I'll be taking you to him now"

"O... okay"I stuttered and took off my former dress as put on the new one.

She didn't give me any singlet to wear, so my breast is clearly seen in the dress, o used my hand to cover my dress and she smiled.

"Why are you covering your body?"

"The dress... It's too transparent"

"Oh... I'm quite sorry about that but I have to carry out his rules"

"It's fine, can we go now?"



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