Chapter 4 - His Little Wolf

Beta Liam

I'm sitting in the Alpha's office running through everything that needs doing today. Our poor Luna is understandably devastated after the news she received this morning and as always, she can rely on Alpha being at her side. We can all rely on him, he is an incredible

Alpha and mate. It may only have been 3 weeks since he met our Luna but he honestly treats her like a queen.

I've not found my mate yet but honestly, I can't wait. It's been 1 year since I turned 18 and could find her but so far, no luck but I'm not giving up hope not yet after all Cal is 20 and only recently met his mate.

I can't believe out of the whole pack there are only 2 known survivors from moonshine and best of all it's Brooke's 14-year-old sister and 6-month-old niece. I know Brooke said she was one hell of a fighter but the fact that she got herself and a baby out of there is insane. I've got to admit Brooke's sister is a strong brave girl she not only got her and the baby away from the pack lands but she's also been on her own for over 24 hours keeping them both safe.

That reminds me I need to make sure the bedrooms are ready for their arrival. Calvin has already asked me to have two of the bedrooms on his floor arranged for them so I quickly link Ashley and he's more than happy to help with getting them ready. Next, I click on the list on the laptop and the first 3 jobs involve the Luna ceremony next week. Shit. I leave them for Cal to sort as I'm not sure what's going to happen with that now and move on to the next job on the list.

Morning training, Jack, Calvin, and myself train these groups among others, and luckily for me, I am able to train all 3 classes as it looks like that's what I'll be doing today. I leave a phone message for the Elders informing them of the attack and asking them to call me once they know anything. I want all the details.

I head for the kitchen to grab breakfast I'm starving, don't get me wrong I'm always hungry I am literally a bottomless pit but this morning I'm going to need the energy to get through all 3 classes.

I pile 3 plates high with pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast, grab 3 bowls of fruit and 3 coffees I put 2 of each on a tray, cover it over and place it in the oven so no one eats any of it before heading over to my usual table where Ashley is just about to start eating. I'll eat my food then take the tray up to Alpha and Luna to make sure they eat something.

"Hey Ash, how's it going?"

"Hey sweet cheeks, good thankyou, you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok busy but can't complain. I know it's early but have you got anywhere with the bedrooms yet?"

"Yes, I have. Beth's room just needs a general clean although I think I'll have some new bedding, pillows, and throws picked up for her. And I've got a couple of she-wolfs upstairs now clearing out the room between Beth's and Luna's rooms for Bella. And after breakfast, I've got Amy going into town to pick up everything Bella will need for her nursery and Beth's bedding. I told Luna I wouldn't leave the packhouse today but with Amy having 2 kids I know I won't go wrong sending her."

"Great thank you Ash, this is why I asked you to sort the bedrooms I knew you would get it done straight away, and you are great at creating a homely feel which is what we want them to feel."

"What can I say... I'm just fabulous darling!" He rolls his eyes while giving me his best dramatic queen look and I can't help but laugh, I love this boy to pieces.

"Yeah yeah." I shoot him a wink and he blows me a kiss. This is me and Ashley all the time forever joking around. I don't care what sexuality you are or race if you treat me right, I'll treat you right it's that simple.

We both finish up our breakfast, I hand him the pack credit card for the stuff needed for the girls and head off to get shit done. I make my way to the Alpha floor to deliver breakfast before heading for the training grounds.

Almost 4 hours later all the training sessions are done and I'm heading back to my floor to take a quick shower. My room is on the floor below the Alpha's, as a Beta, I get a whole floor to myself same as the Gamma.

My parents still live on the Beta floor with me but once I find my mate, they will move to a house on the pack lands so we have privacy. They have offered to move out since I took over the Beta position from my dad but I honestly don't see the point, I'm happy for them to live here.

It's not like I bring any she-wolfs there, no I'm not a virgin but there also haven't been many women very few in fact, and I don't sleep with anyone from my pack. I've seen more than once the trouble that can cause and I don't want that for my mate.

I jump in the shower under the hot water and relax, the water is doing a great job of soothing my aching muscles, 3 back-to-back training sessions are enough to make anyone sore. I make quick work of washing up and getting dry before walking into my bedroom in just a towel only to be greeted with the worst sight possible right now.

"Sarah, what are you doing in here?" She's sprawled out on my bed completely fucking naked. This isn't the first time she's tried this but today is not the day for her and her games.

"I heard you're having a hard day and saw you coming to your floor so I thought I could help you relax." She purrs at me making my balls fight to climb back up inside me.

"Sarah we've been over this too many times." I pride myself on respecting women but honestly, this girl is really starting to test my patience. This has been going on since she turned 18, 7 months ago and it has to stop. She's the daughter of our top warrior Richard and a massive pain in my ass.

"Hand over control to me, I'll make sure she doesn't come back!" My wolf Jonah is on the same page as me clearly.

"No Jonah, you know you don't want to hurt her."

"No of course not, I won't hurt her but I can still scare her off."

"No Jonah!" He huffs at me and retreats to the back of my mind.

"Liam, are you even listening to me?" I swear her voice reminds me of nails going down a chalkboard.

"Sarah please leave my room and don't come back!" I'm so pissed right now!

"Come on baby we both know you want this; no one needs to know."

"I would know and that is enough but that's beside the point I have told you it's not going to happen and I'm sorry ok but that's just how it is. I am trying to be respectful towards you Sarah but you are really testing my patience, now I have work to do so please leave!"

She pouts her lips and I roll my eyes at her; she finally gives up and wraps her dressing gown around her, and leaves my room thank fuck. I don't have time for her bull today. I quickly dress in my dark blue jeans, white shirt with the sleeves folded up to my elbows, and black shoes.

I pop my head into the living room for a few minutes to talk to my parents before heading to the kitchen. I grab my lunch of 2 BLT sandwiches, a fruit pot, a bag of chips, 2 cookies, and 2 bottles of water to go. I'll eat it at the desk so I've got more time to catch up.

Just as I finish up my lunch Alpha links me to let me know Jack and the guys have got Beth and Bella and are on their way here and I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding and thank the moon goddess for keeping them safe until we could get to them.

What she has been through, the things she must have seen doesn't bear thinking about, the sooner they are here the better. I check my messages and there's one off Timothy one of the Elders.

"Hello, Beta Liam, sorry I missed your call. So we were made aware of the attack on the moonshine pack just a couple of hours ago by a surviving member and we are currently still investigating what has happened. I myself am at the pack lands now, as soon as we are able to establish somewhat what happened there, we will be in contact with you, Alpha Calvin, and Luna Brooke. Please send my deepest condolences to Luna Brooke and I will speak to you soon. Bye Beta Liam."

A surviving member huh? Cal hasn't mentioned Beth calling the Elders, I get a strange feeling in my gut and decide to mention this to Cal.

"Alpha, have you got a moment?" Mind link is so handy sometimes.

"Of course, Beta what's up?"

"Are you able to come to the office? If not it's no problem I'll talk over the link."

"Actually, Ashley is calling to our floor in 30 minutes to help Brooke with Beth's birthday once he's here I can call down. Can the matter wait 30 minutes, or is it urgent?"

"No, it's not urgent Cal, 30 minutes is fine."

"Great see you then." He cuts off the link and I go back to my work. I'm up to my eyes in jobs today between making sure all the Alpha duties are completed and my own Beta duties I honestly haven't got a minute to myself not that I mind. The only problem I have is I can't get the Elder's message out of my head, a survivor informed them, but Who is it?

"You ok there Liam?" I'm pulled out of my thoughts by Alpha Calvin. I didn't even hear the door going never mind him sitting down across the desk from me. This guy is amazing this is his office, his desk and yet when I'm covering, he doesn't ask me to move from his seat instead he sits across the desk from me as if he's in my own office, not his.

"Sorry Cal I was somewhere else then."

"I hope she was at least pretty, distracting you like that."He shoots me a wink and I can't help but laugh.

"Haha no no Cal that's not it believe me."

"Ok, Liam so what's up?" He's quickly back to his all-business tone.

"Ok so this morning I called the Elders to inform them about moonshine but there wasn't any answer so I left a message informing them of the attack and asked for someone to call me back. I left the office shortly after to get breakfast and take the training sessions and when I came back Elder Timothy had left a message for me." I press play on the machine and let Cal listen to the message.

"A survivor informed them? Beth never mentioned she spoke to them. I wouldn't have thought she would think to call them but then again she has surpassed all my thoughts on what a 14-year-old would do in her situation so maybe she did. I'll call her and ask." He calls Beth but she is adamant that she never made the call says she doesn't have a number for any of them and she definitely couldn't find any survivors when she looked.

"Shit!" Alpha shouts out loud.

"What is it, Cal?"

"What if we've left another survivor there alone?"

"Well, if Beth didn't make the call, then that is a possibility, maybe they got out before Beth did it would explain why she didn't see anyone but... I've got a strange feeling about this Cal."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know what it is. I can't put my finger on it but I got the same strange feeling when I first listened to the message earlier."

"Ok well you know I trust you and your judgment so how about we wait to hear from the Elders before we go any further? The Elders are on the pack lands now so whoever it is isn't alone and Beth will be here soon so we'll be able to find out more then."

I agree with him and he heads back to be with Luna while I make a start on the pack's finances. 20 minutes later Ashley links me letting me know both Beth's and Bella's rooms are ready for them and it's great timing as they should be here soon.

A few hours later and I've managed to finish all the paperwork and everything's in place for Beth and Bella's arrival. I'm chatting with Ashley in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be ready when we both get a link of Calvin letting us know Jack will be arriving with everyone in a few minutes.

We leave the kitchen and head for the front door where Calvin and Brooke are already waiting, I give Brooke a hug and she shares a grateful smile with me but I can tell she's struggling to hold herself together... poor girl.

We all step outside as the SUV is making its way down the driveway. It pulls up in front of us and the guys start making their way out and at the same time, Jonah starts prancing around in my head and whining.

"What's wrong Jonah?"

"I don't know Liam; I think something's about to happen!"

I tell him to try and relax and he goes to the back of my mind, the guys start piling up the steps and into the house then Jack walks around from the other side of the SUV with a young girl. She's looking towards the ground while holding a baby, of course I know it's Beth and Bella but for some reason, I've got a strange feeling in my stomach that won't shift.

Suddenly she looks up and our eyes connect for a moment and I swear my heart skips a beat and just before she looks away Jonah rushes to the front of my mind and utters the one sentence that will change my life forever "MATE"... "LIAM BETH'S OUR