Chapter 5 - His Little Wolf


For as long as I can remember I have always been different from my family, my pack. They were kind people, always helping where needed and I knew they would die for any one of the members but that wasn't me, isn't me. Sure, I put on the act of being kind to others and willing to fight for any one of them but truthfully whenever I did anything nice for any of them it made my skin crawl.

I kept up the protective and loving act well in front of my parents and sister but the truth is I couldn't stand them. They were Omegas weak and pathetic. I may have Omega blood in me but I've always known I am more than a mere Omega, worth so much more than them.

I've always hated anyone telling me what to do and whenever I had to submit to the Alpha and obey his every order, I'd feel so angry, how dare he order me around! how dare anyone tell me what to do like a mere peasant! I'm the one who should be giving out the orders, I'm the one who should be being obeyed, not them and certainly not him!

By the time I turned 20 I had decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to sit there and keep up the loving and protective puppy dog act. It was time to change things and finally, take my place as a rightful Alpha. Everyone knew I was Alpha material including the Alpha himself but no one wanted to admit it.

I had a plan in my head however I wasn't sure if it would work but fuck it was worth trying, anything was better than putting up with those pathetic excuses any longer. I also had a backup plan and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't kind of hoping I would need to go with plan b, it would be a lot of fun.

My first plan was to give the Alpha a chance to pass on the Alpha title to me peacefully and walk away. My backup plan was to kill every single fucking one of them including my sad excuse of a family. Well, everyone except for two, Bethany and Isabella, them I will be keeping alive.

Beth is my sister's best friend. She is only 14 right now but already absolutely beautiful, by the time she's 18 she's going to be the most beautiful girl to ever walk this earth and she will be my Luna.

I cannot wait to claim her as mine but I'm not a complete monster I won't do it while she is underage, however on her 18th birthday, she is mine. I know her dad keeps her and Bella in their own safe room during attacks so she won't get hurt and I can leave her there until it's all over.

That's the only reason Bella will be saved if I kill the brat after I release them Beth will never forgive me so instead, I'm going to be Mr nice guy and suggest we raise her together, not that I'll be doing any of the work, fuck that.

2 weeks ago, I went to the Alpha and give him an offer he'd be stupid to refuse. He stands down and announces me as Alpha peacefully and I would let him live. He'd be welcome to stay in the pack as a warrior and neither he nor his family would come to any harm or he could take his family and leave and I'd let them be free. Let's be honest I couldn't be any fairer than that.

But the dumb fuck clearly has no brains because he actually had the cheek to refuse me, fucking refuse me! I couldn't believe it! so I went another route and instead of an offer I give him an ultimatum, he hands the pack over to me or I kill... every... single... last... one... of... them.

His response made both my blood boil and my heart pound with excitement. He laughed at me, actually fucking laughed at me, can you believe it? So yeah, his laughing at me filled me with anger I've never felt before but it also filled me with excitement because I could finally tear apart every single one of them. I could already feel the sheer thrill of finally ending them mother fuckers.

When he laughed at me, I know he just thought of me as a lowly Omega because that's what my family was and he refused to admit I was more. He thought that little of me that he didn't even set a punishment for the threat I'd made to him instead he just told me to fuck off out of his sight. He assumed I couldn't do shit but what he didn't know was I had a whole plan b worked out with enough wolves to wipe out his entire pack.

3 months ago, I was out for a run with my wolf Tristan and I was in one shit mood. My mother had asked me to look after my sister for 2 days while my parents went away for their anniversary and I had no choice but to say yes. 2 full days of playing the lovely older brother, 2 full days of her fucking grating voice around me.

Yep, I was in a shit mood alright, and then to make things fucking fantastic I run into a group of four Rogues. Ohh I was more than ready to sink my teeth into every one of them but then it happened, I couldn't believe it.

One of the Rogues shifted back into her human form, our eyes connected, and then she spoke just one single word "MATE!" at the same time Tristan screamed "MATE!" in my head. Fuck a Rogue was my mate, are you fucking kidding me?

Don't get me wrong she was pretty good-looking, not a bad face or body but she was a Rogue and an Alpha doesn't have a Rogue as a mate. Clearly, the moon goddess loved to play jokes on me, first making me live as an Omega and then mating me with a Rogue, fuck my life.

It didn't matter to me though as I had already chosen Beth for my mate and Luna, however luckily for me I'm a fast thinker and I already knew I could use the situation to my advantage.

I shifted into my human form and forced out the word "MATE" I prayed she wasn't a she-wolf that I'd need to take my time with, time is something I didn't have, I wanted shit done ASAP. Luckily for me, she was very forward and more than willing to progress fast which was perfect.

Over the coming days, I managed to fabricate one amazing story, apparently, my father was the previous Alpha but sadly died when I was 14 and as I was too young to take over as Alpha his Beta agreed he would until I turned 16, but once I turned 16 he kept making excuses not to hand the title over and treating me horribly.

I threw a few extra details in for effect all coming too ahead just 1 week ago when I had confronted him and he'd told me I'd never take the title from him and it will go to his son after him and if I was to ever bring it up again, he would kill me.

I have an excellent broken-hearted face; lord knows I've had to fake it enough times when we've lost members of the pack. And exactly as I had predicted she said she'd speak with her father and the pack of Rogues to see if they can help in any way.

The next day her dad met with me, he suggested they help me kill the Alpha but wanted something in return and that was a place at my pack, they didn't want to be Rogues anymore.

It turned out most of them originally came from the same pack, they were attacked by an enemy pack and their Alpha was killed so they ran and the rest they met along the way, all wolves wanting a pack. I told him for that to work we would have to wipe all the pack out and he agreed, savage bastard... I love it, he and I would get on well.

I really don't mind them joining my pack as long as they are utterly devoted to me then they are welcome. I need to start my pack somehow and anyone who tries to question my authority or challenge me I'll just simply kill.

Of course, my mate Tia wouldn't become a member of my pack as sadly for her she would be killed in the fight, of course, I wouldn't kill her I couldn't risk anyone seeing that but I would accidentally make it happen. Oppps.

We haven't mated or marked each other as we were waiting to move into "our packhouse" and would mate and mark on the first night, pfft like, fuck. Anyway, the pain of my mate dying would have been incredibly strong had we been bound by mating and marking which is why I stopped it from happening too soon. I would still feel pain when she dies but not half as bad and not bad enough to make me regret my decision. Beth is my Luna end of discussion.