Chapter 6 - His Little Wolf


At 4 am this morning the plan went ahead. I met with the Rogues just outside the pack border and we made our way to the pack lands ready to end everyone, ready to claim what's rightfully mine. I was shocked when I turned up to meet the Rogues, I knew I hadn't met them all but there were over 300 of them. My plan was going to be even smoother than I thought.

We all split up into groups all based around the pack lands and house and started our attack. We had a huge advantage because most of them were sleeping. It was one hell of a fight, there was blood shit, and piss everywhere, body parts sprawled across the floor and I was loving every second.

I had told the Rogues beforehand I was to be the one to kill the Alpha and that's exactly what I did. I will say he put up a fight for an older man but he was no match for me, I sunk my teeth into him and ripped his fucking throat out. It was glorious and every time I relive it, I get goosebumps from the excitement I felt.

I was also the one to end the life of my sister, I tore her to pieces as she tried to run for the safe room and I didn't regret a second of it. Unfortunately, someone else got to my dad first, I would have enjoyed that kill but there was still my mother. I knew she would be in the safe room at the packhouse with the women, children, and elderly as she was attacked a few years ago by 2 Rogues and got blinded in one eye so she was no longer able to fight.

I showed 50 rogues where the safe room was and let them have their fun while I found my mother, I was about to end her when she gave me the look that only a mother could give her child and I froze, I hate to admit it but at that moment I was weak.

I know Alphas shouldn't be weak, but she was my mother and despite everything, she was the only person in the world that I actually cared about, so I walked away, left the room, and let the others end her.

Within seconds of leaving, I felt sharp pains in my chest and heard the howl of Tia's dad as he discovered her body with her heart torn out. The pain was nothing I couldn't handle and I honestly didn't even feel sad, she was never going to be my Luna. I soon realized we were winning, just a few more worthless members and this pack would be mine forever.

Once everyone was dead, we did a sweep of all the houses and hideouts to check for anyone hidden. I didn't need to worry about anyone finding my Beth because the door to her safe room was covered well, I'd be back for her later.

We lost about 50 Rogues to the fight including Tia’s father Jim and her brother Ben but it's to be expected and as much as I think me and Jim would have gotten on great it's nice to know I wouldn't have to fake the grieving mate act.

Once no survivors were confirmed I let out a victorious howl and every Rogue bowed down to me. We run back off the pack lands and to the Rogue's hideout, we would wait a few hours before heading back and double-checking everything. Then I would inform the elders of the terrible events that happened.

Of how I went out to a bar last night, hooked up with some random girl then returned here and found the scene before me. I'll cry and break down and then once everything is sorted, they will bring me in as the Alpha as I will be the sole male survivor. With this kind of planning how can I not be Alpha material?

We've waited long enough, I get everyone's attention and we head back to my packhouse; I hope the clean-up is quick I want to take a nap; I've worked hard today. We arrive on the lands split up into groups and do a sweep double-checking that there are no survivors, once it's confirmed I head to my office and make the call to the Elders. After informing them of the events while letting out some tears to help encourage my emotions they inform me they will be here within the hour.

I get up to wipe my face and head to get my girl beaming from ear to ear. I arrive at her house and head for the kitchen to the door to her safe room. I get there and my fucking heart stops, the door to the safe room is open...

"SHIT NO NO NO NO!" I run down the stairs and the place is empty, completely empty. I can see they were in here the mattress has been slept on and there are food wrappers in the bin. Someone must have found the room and killed them but I don't understand how, the door is disguised by the wallpaper.

Wait where are the bodies? I check the toilet room but nothing unless... maybe no one actually found the room, maybe she went outside thinking it was all over and that's where it happened? I let out a ground tearing howl and head outside to look through the bodies. I can't believe it, I thought she would be ok, how could I lose my Luna before I even take the title? if I find out which one of them killed her, I will tear them apart.

I head outside and tell the Rogues they need to head back to the hideout before the Elders arrive and that I will go and get them once it's all clear and I start the search for my Luna. I'm searching relentlessly, there are so many bodies but I can't find her, I can't find my Luna.

I catch a movement to the side of me and quickly get into a fighting position, shit did we miss someone? She moves closer to me from the treeline and I recognize her from the Rogues, she stood out to me because she is one hell of a fighter.

"What are you doing back here? I told you all to stay at the hideout until I come and get you!" I bark at her I'm pissed right now, so pissed!

"I know and I'm on my own, I saw you earlier checking out that house, and when you came out, I noticed you immediately searching the bodies, I can help you." She gives me a kind smile but I don't trust her I don't trust anyone of them yet.

"How can you help me? Why do you want to?"

"You are now my Alpha and I want to show my loyalty and there's something you don't know about me yet, my name is Zoe, and I... I am a hybrid... I am half werewolf and half-witch." I'm stunned I didn't see that one coming and instantly I know I'll be keeping her safe and close by, she could be a huge asset to my pack.

"Ok, so how can you help me?"

"Have you got a picture of the person you're looking for?" I pull out my phone and find a picture of Beth and Bella, I was always sneaking pictures without her knowing. I show Zoe the picture and she starts chanting something while staring at the picture, I haven't got a clue what she's saying.

"She's not here Alpha, neither of them are here?"

"What do you mean she's not here? Where's her body then?" What is she talking about?

"Neither of them are here, their bodies are not here Alpha." Maybe this Zoe isn't a witch after all, maybe she's playing with me.

"Stop playing games with me or I'll rip your throat out." I'm getting pissed again.

"I'm not playing games Alpha; I'm just trying to help."

"So, help me then, explain to me why they're not here?" She has about 30 seconds before I lose my shit. She starts chanting something different before giving me a strange look.

"Alpha their bodies are not here because they are not dead, they're still alive!"

"Hmm aaa fucking what now?" She asks me for something belonging to Beth and Bella so I quickly disappear into Beth's house and return minutes later with one of Beth's hoodies and a blanket belonging to the brat. Zoe takes them from me and begins chanting again.

"They are still alive Alpha; I can feel their heartbeats!"

"Holy shit! Where are they? Can you tell me where they are?" She chants again...

"No Alpha I can't but I can tell you they were close by for a while but now the heartbeats seem to be moving further away. I think they may be traveling."

My girl got out. I've always known she was one hell of a fighter but to get out of this fight is incredible. It just confirms to me that I made the right decision in making her my Luna.

Where is she though? I need to find her; she must be scared out there alone with that brat in tow. I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of vehicles and look up to see the Elders arriving.

Zoe's gone she must have left while I was lost in my thoughts. The cars come to a stop and the Elders pile out. They all walk toward me while sending me condolences and taking in the sight before them.