Chapter 3 - His Little Wolf

Future Luna Brooke

The music is pumping, the dancefloor quickly filling, the drinks are flowing and the food is endless, this BBQ is going great. My mate certainly knows how to throw a party. The Alpha of this pack is one incredible leader, he's everything an Alpha should be and would lay his life down for any one of his members. He's been Alpha for the last 2 years after he took over the position at 18 when his dad was ready to retire.

A lot of Alphas won't retire until the future Alpha has found his Luna but Alpha Calvin wasn't getting any luck and his dad was ready to retire so he took on the role without his Luna by his side.

He finally met his Luna 3 weeks ago; it turns out the reason he hadn't found his Mate before was that she lived in a different pack that he had never visited. I don't know what I did in life to deserve him as my mate, never imagined I'd be a Luna but I honestly couldn't be happier.

"Is my Luna enjoying the BBQ?" His strong arms wrap around my waist as he places a kiss on my mark and a shiver runs through my whole body.

"She is, is my Alpha enjoying the BBQ?" I cheekily grin his way. He spins me around gracing me with his sexy smirk.

"He is although he's looking forward to taking his Luna to bed more." He winks at me; he's got such a cheeky personality and a dirty dirty mind and he brings out the sexual side to me that I never knew I had. He pulls me in tight against his body and gives me a slow sensual kiss.

"Put him down Luna, we wouldn't want you corrupting his innocent mind!" Liam, Calvin's best friend, and Beta bellows in his fake British accent as he makes his way over to us.

"Don't worry Liam, our dear innocent Alpha could never be corrupted, he'd much rather play scrabble than ever be swayed by the beauty in front of him." Comes the fake Scottish accent of Jack, Calvin's other best friend, and Gamma as he makes his way over with his mate Ashley and Beta Liam.

"Fuck off!" Shouts Calvin and we all bellow out with laughter. I may only have been here 3 weeks but it honestly feels like I've been here forever in a good way, of course. Everyone has treated me like family, and Liam, Jack, and Ashley have become more like brothers to me. I take a moment to think about my family back at the moonshine pack I miss them so much.

I couldn't wait to move here with Calvin but It was hard leaving them behind. Mom and dad are incredible people. Josh my brother, and his mate Harley are high-ranking warriors and became parents 6 months ago to my niece Isabella and she is the cutest baby ever.

Then there's my little sister Bethany she's honestly one of my best friends. We talk all the time but I still miss her like crazy but they are coming here next week for my Luna ceremony and will be staying for 6 days and I can't wait to see them all.

It's gone 1 am before we're climbing into bed. It has been a brilliant night but we are both shattered, not that tiredness ever stops us, and certainly not Calvin. We make love twice before curling up and passing out.

I slowly start opening my eyes adjusting to the beaming light shining through the window. We always forget to close the curtains and we always regret it. I feel sparks on my head and know my mate is running his fingers through my hair, I'll never get bored of the feeling.

I've sprawled myself across his chest, my legs on either side of his body, I push myself up using his chest to support myself and grab my phone off the bedside table. I forgot to take it to the BBQ last night and well I was a little distracted when I came to bed so didn't check it but as soon as I look at the screen, I'm on high alert.

"Brooke, what's wrong baby?" He's noticed me tense up and instantly looks concerned.

"I don't know but I've got 22 missed calls off Beth since yesterday afternoon and a text for me to call her asap, what if something has happened?"

"I'm sure everything's fine baby it's probably just some teenage thing or maybe she's argued with your parents? Why don't you give her a call and check in before she goes to school? You'll only worry all day otherwise." He knows me too well already. I check the time, it's 6 am, she'll be up now getting ready so I take Calvin's advice and call Beth.

*Ring ring* ring ring* ring ring*

"Brooke, where have you been? I've called you about 30 times, why didn't you answer?"

She speaks so fast... what the hell is going on? I wait for her to explain, expecting some sort of teenage problem, a fight with Carly, boy trouble, or maybe even trouble with my parents but what she tells me isn't anything close to that. What she tells me destroys my world.

"Tuesday night Rogues attacked the pack lands... the... they killed everyone, Brooke... Mom, Dad, Josh, Harley, Carly everyone's gone!" She starts to sob into the phone as my world falls apart. I manage to ask her about Bella but everything else is just a cluster of words.

I start telling Calvin what's happened even though I know he's already heard everything for some reason I need to tell him. I'm spilling my words out as tears start to fall, I can't hold them back anymore. Calvin pulls me off of his lap and onto the bed he goes to the closet and comes back with underwear and one of his tee-shirts and dresses me in them, his tee-shirt is big enough to come down to just above my knees.

He goes back into the closet and returns dressed in joggers and a tee shirt; he's so fast it's only taken him a minute to dress us both. I see him mind link someone then he comes and takes the phone off me. Shit, Beth is still on the phone while I'm just sitting here.

"Bethany, this is Alpha Calvin, are you safe? Where are you?" As Cals talking on the phone with Beth there's a knock on the door. Calvin answers, and in walks Liam, Jack, and five of our warriors. Calvin motions them in and goes back to Beth he must have linked them when he got us both dressed. He doesn't say anything to them but goes straight back to talking to Bethany.

He's straight into Alpha mode but also being extremely gentle towards Bethany and I couldn't be any more grateful right now. I'm a mess. I can barely hear what he is saying. Everything's a blur.

Liam calls out to me but I just stare at him. I can't form any words and I can't tell him that my family is dead, if I do it will make it all the more real and for some reason, I need to hold on to some kind of hope that this is all a dream.

I pull my attention back to Cal while I concentrate on taking deep breaths and I can hear Beth on the other end of the phone.

"Thank you, Alpha Calvin thank you so much, I don't want to be alone anymore!"

I hear her voice break and her sobs bring on mine. Calvin makes his way to me, pulls me onto his lap, and starts to run his fingers through my hair to try and calm me while I bury my head in his chest.

"There's no need to thank me Beth we are family and you won't be alone for much longer ok. I know you've lost your home and nothing can replace that but there's a new place here with me and Brooke waiting for you both ok?"

I love this man so much. My sister and niece are alone and he doesn't even question what will happen to them now or who will look after them he just instantly commits himself to now taking on the role with me and at this moment, I don't think I've loved him more.

"Alpha what's happened?" I'm dragged out of my thoughts by Liam's voice.

"I don't know all the details yet but Tuesday night Brooke's old pack, her family's pack was attacked by Rogues. So far only two survivors are known. Brooke's 14-year-old sister Bethany and her niece Isabella who's 6 months."

"What do you need from us?" Liam and Jack ask at the same time. I send a grateful smile their way. I've only been here 3 weeks and they haven't even met Beth or Bella yet they don't hesitate in helping them, in helping me.

"Jack, I want you to go and collect Beth and Bella from the hotel they are staying in I'll text you the address now. John, Callum, Jake, Scott, and David, I need you to go with Jack. It's a 6-hour trip and I need you to drive straight through. I need you to get to them asap, these girls are our family and they've been on their own way too long. Oh and when you knock on her door she'll ask you for the password, it's Brooke."

"Of course, Alpha, we will get to her as quickly as we can. We'll keep them safe Brooke I promise." Jack looks at me as he finishes speaking.

"Calvin it's her birthday tomorrow, what kind of birthday can she have with everything she's been through."

"It's her birthday tomorrow... wow poor girl." Liam looks at me sadly.

"I know sweetheart and granted this isn't going to be a great birthday for her but we will still try our best to make the day special for her ok baby?" I throw him a grateful smile because I know if I talk, I will break down again.

"If you need any help, I know Ashley will be more than happy to help you, Brooke you know he loves any reason to get out his organizing folder!" Jack rolls his eyes while he speaks and for the first time this morning, I hold a genuine smile for a few seconds.

“Thank you, Jack, yeah that guy loves that bloody folder, I think I will do just that. Beth deserves a great day but I know I don't have it in me to organize anything."

"No problem, Luna, I will let him know to keep his day free that way you can see him once you are ready. Right men let's all go get ready to go we have two very important girls to bring home. I want you all in the kitchen in 30 minutes no later!" All the men nod and leave the room including Jack.

"I'm going to go and get some food and drinks for them to take with them, it's a long drive and they won't be stopping, it's the least I can do," I tell Calvin as I get off the bed.

"That's a great idea let's go." He holds out his hand to me and I think he knows I need to keep busy.

"I'm right behind you," Liam calls out, that guy will do anything for anyone without a second thought.

We head down to the kitchen, make a huge pile of ham salad and cheese salad sandwiches, pop them in a cooler and add in bags of chips, cookies, and granola bars. We then grab another cooler box and fill it with bottles of water and energy drinks.

Just as we finish up all the guys start making their way into the kitchen, it's only been 15 minutes and I'm grateful for their eagerness to leave. Jack comes down last with Ashley at his side.

"Luna Brooke, I'm so sorry for what's happened, if there's anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask. Jack mentioned you may be needing my help with Beth's birthday and I'm more than happy to help. I will be in the packhouse all day today so please call me whenever you're ready."

"Thank you, Ashley, I really appreciate it." He gives me a kind smile, nods, then turns to Jack, kissing him goodbye, and wishing all the guys a safe journey. Calvin takes out the coolers and puts them in the SUV while the guys thank us for the supplies.

Liam disappears into another room and returns with a baby car seat and hands it to John. I send him a grateful smile as I hadn't even thought about that. The guy's pile in and gives us a wave as they leave the packhouse.

Calvin texts Beth letting her know that the guys have left then turns to me picking me up bridal style and carrying me towards the bedroom. I'm too sad to question anything today and leave him to it.

"Liam you are in charge today I'm taking the day off to look after our Luna."

"Of course, Alpha don't worry about anything I've got it covered, if either of you needs anything please let me know."

We both thank Liam as Calvin continues to the bedroom. He puts me on the bed and lays down next to me tapping his chest. I lay down on him sprawled across his chest with my legs on either side of his body. He pulls the blanket over us and starts stroking my hair. Laying in his arms feels like the safest place in the world and it doesn't take long for me to fall into a fitful sleep.