Chapter 4 - Warrior Princess

Samanthas POV

I flash my sharp teeth at him and crouch low to the ground. I won’t make the first move. I want to assess them first.

The two subordinates’ step Infront of their leader as if they’re his protection. As they move, I watch them looking for any points of weakness.

The little brown wolf has a limp in his right rear paw as if it's been injured recently. The red wolf doesn’t have any visible weaknesses, but he seems arrogant and that’s as big a weakness as physical. Browny, as I'm going to call him lunges first, but he's too slow. I sidestep him and swipe my paw and catch his right hip. He yelps and turns quickly snapping his jaws in my direction. He catches my front paw just slightly, but I don’t yelp or show that it hurts. I act like I'm going to run away and rear up and kick him back. My foot catches his jugular, and he lays there coughing and gasping for air.

The leader just grumbles and calls him an idiot. The red wolf is irritated that I took his friend down so fast and lunges blindly. You never fight a battle angry. That’s how you lose a battle.

He tackles me and we roll in the dirt a few times jaws snaping, fur flying, he gets me one good time on my front shoulder, and I can feel the skin tear and blood start to coat my silver coat. I growl at him has he stands up and puffs his chest in triumph.

Idiot, doesn’t he know not to boast about a win until he's sure he's won?

While he's distracted run forward and snap at his neck. My teeth sink in and he collapses. I give him the chance to submit knowing I have this in the bag. He wiggles and growls trying to get out of my grasp. But her doesn’t submit. I tighten my jaws just enough to pierce the skin and he swipes his paws wildly. One catches me in the face and causes me to drop him. Holy shit that hurt. I feel blood pooling on my snout. That’s it I've had enough.

While he's struggling to get up I sink my teeth into the back of his neck and give him a few good death shakes. I hear his neck snap and he falls limp, but I haven’t had enough yet. I take my paws and step them on his chest while I still have his neck in my mouth. Iron taste fills my mouth and I gag at the taste of his blood, but this fucker pissed me off. I keep pulling until I hear his skin tearing and don’t stop until he is like a dog’s chew toy ripped to tiny pieces.

Browny the little brown wolf whimpers and curls into a ball. Best guess was I had just killed his brother. Too bad they should have heeded my warning. He doesn’t charge again. He is out of the fight, good. The leader though is intrigued.

“little shewolf you’re holding out on me." He shifts into his sable wolf and stalks to me slowly. Assessing him he seems strong, confident, but controlled. He's trained. I don’t spot any physical weaknesses.

Before he can lunge, I hear quite a few growls in the distance. They leak authority and they are headed this way. I won’t back down though. The minute I let my guard down I know dipshit here will attack and I don’t know if these incoming wolves are friendly’s or not.

As I'm in my attack stance and all the fur on my back is raised and my lips are curled to show my pearly white razor-sharp teeth I take in the smells around me. The new wolves aren’t rogues, They’re a pack of wolves. Crap, I hope they don’t take me down too I'm just trying to survive here. One shifts back and he reeks of authority.

“I am Beta Josh Winston of the Royal Moon Pack; you have trespassed into our territory. Shift back now!”

Crap. We must have crossed the boundary during our fight. Wait did he say Royal Moon pack? Goddess I'm in trouble now. Not wanting to be in any more trouble than I am I shift back not bothering to cover any of my parts. Werewolves who cares?

The rogue licks his chops like I'm a piece of meat. I gag internally. I instantly bow my head. “I apologize beta for trespassing. I mean no harm I was simply trying to get away from these mutts. I didn’t realize that I crossed into pack lands. I will leave.” I start to walk away.

“Freeze, that is an order. You may have meant no harm, but you crossed the border you will need to be brought in for interrogation.” I bow my head in understanding.

Browny shifts back and he looks to be no older than 18. Tears are staining his cheeks and I instantly regret my actions, but it was his life or mine. It’s a wolf eat wolf world out here.

They place me and the kid in silver cuffs. My skin sizzles at the contact of silver on my skin. Training back at my old pack has built up a tolerance to it, but it still hurts. I show no signs of resistance and they give me a cloak to drape over my naked body. The leader still hasn’t shifted back and the warriors with the beta start growling.

“I won't ask you again.” Beta Josh spits out with venom in his voice. Leaders in packs hate disobedience. This won't be pretty. But he sure enough shifts back but smirks.

Beta turns around and he doesn’t see it. The leader chucks a silver blade through the air flying at the beta's back. I charged and knock him out the way getting stuck in the shoulder with a 4-inch dagger. I thought silver cuffs hurt but goddess this silver inside of my blood stream is ridiculous. I fall to the ground and grunt in pain.

The beta looks furious that he was pushed down from behind until he sees me laying on the ground with a dagger sticking out of my right shoulder. I feel the blade rubbing against the ribs in my chest and my collar bone. I can’t hold it in anymore. I scream in pain and let the tears flow. Amid all this, warriors tackled the insane rogue and had him held down.

“I need a medic up here now!” Beta Josh yelled. He grips the silber blade as if it doesn’t burn his skin and rips it out. “I'm sorry the dagger had to come out. I had to stop the amount of silver from getting into your body. And for goddess sake someone remove her cuffs.”

Blood starts pouring out and he places his hands on it to help control the blood loss. I start to feel woozy and my vision starts to double and blur.

“Hey, stay with us. Keep your eyes open.” Someone says. I can't tell who everything sounds muffled.

They shine a light in both eyes, but I'm too delirious to care. They roll me onto a stretcher and strap me down. I don’t see anything else as my vision goes dark and I pass out.

Josh's POV

Me and Kasen had split up. He took the western side of the border and I took the east. I linked up with squadron B and began patrolling. About an hour into patrols I pick up on a few rogue scents in our territory.

“let’s move. I want to get these rogues.” I say getting hyped up. I love a good fight.

“Beta the rogue scents are about a mile out.” I nod, and we continue to head towards the rogues.

Arriving on scene I notice 4 rogues. 3 fighting against one. Well, that’s not fair, but the 4th one seems to be holding their own. I get closer and notice it is a shewolf and the other 3 are males, and now my wolf is angry.

“What do you say Bliz let's help the lady out eh?” he huffs in approval.

The rogues continue with their fight. As we march forward, I see this little shewolf latch onto the neck of one of the males. She seems to be well trained. She is giving him a chance to submit, doesn’t seem like she’s a rogue but will know more once we interrogate her.

The idiot trapped in between her jaws refuses to submit. Me and the warriors notice and laugh at each other. Dudes got a death wish. As were chuckling she snaps his neck and doesn’t stop there. She literally ripped him apart. That’s nasty.

“Alright time to intervene, guys."

We walk forward and watch as the shewolf and one of the remaining rogues face off. They’re observing each other. The warriors all growl to give the rogues notice that were there. The shewolf tenses up and raises her snout ever so slightly to take in our scent.

I link Kasen, “Alpha King, we have a situation on the eastern border. We are handling it.”

We get to the group and I introduce myself as the Royal Beta and the She wolf immediately complied with my demands. The other rogue just looked annoyed. The younger fella shifted immediately as well. He was weeping, my guess for the fallen wolf. I ordered our squadron to arrest the shifted wolves while I deal with this prick.

“I won’t ask again.” I state annoyed. I don’t like disrespect, but I do hope he refuses again. It's been a while since I had a good fight in. Much to my dismay though, he shifts. I turn back to let the warriors handle him and next thing I know I'm knocked to the ground. I hear growls and snarls and I'm pissed.

“What the fuck just happened Bliz?” he didn’t answer but I look around.

The shewolf is lying on the ground with a dagger sticking out of her shoulder. That dagger was clearly meant for me. I'm snapped out of my thoughts by her high-pitched wail. I run to her immediately and grip the dagger realizing it's Silver. It has to come out. The longer the silver stays in the more chance she has of dying. Taking the dagger out would increase her risk of bleeding out though. Either way it's not looking good for the lass.

I take my chances and pull the dagger out and call for a medic. Colby, the medic for this unit arrives and he assesses the wolf who just saved my life. I can only hope the alpha spares this rogue. My wolf feels attached to her, she's not my mate, but she feels like she belongs here. I feel protective over her. She is beautiful, fair skin, long brown hair, freckles dusting her cheeks and nose.

I snap out of taking in her features to see her losing consciousness. It's time to move before she dies on us. Bliz growls at the thought of this girl dying.

“What's got your panties in a wad dude?” I ask him.

“I don’t know. I don’t want her to die. Yes, she saved us, but it's more than that. I don’t know what though. Don’t let anything happen to her. I have a feeling this shewolf is going to change everything here.”

I let the medics take her ahead and I make sure the remaining warriors are in control of the 2 other dipshits. I link the pack doctor “we have an incoming trauma. Be prepared. Female, roughly 20 or so, silver stab wound to the upper chest its deep and she’s losing a lot of blood. Not conscious. We will be there in 30 minutes.” I made sure to include the King in that link to make him aware. And the doctor informed that he and a team would be ready.

“Josh, what the fuck happened we don’t carry silver weapons?” Kasen links me privately.

“It is too much to say over link. Meet me at the hospital.” With that I cut the link and we start our trek back.