Chapter 3 - Warrior Princess

Kasen's POV

It's been 2 years. I was 19 when I cut ties with my brother and the love of my life. Things were so perfect. But then again nothing is perfect, I guess. I don’t know when things started going downhill. I had searched for a whole year for my mate with no luck. Being a royal, I felt the pressure to find me my Luna and Queen. But after a year Atlas and myself started to lose hope.

That’s when, I met Marcy. She was tall, tan, the definition of a California girl. I fell hard and I fell fast. I thought she felt the same, boy was I wrong. Atlas growled at the memory. He had never liked Marcy, but he tolerated her.

I had finished my work early for the day. I decided to surprise Marcy after all we had been together for about a year. I was going to take her to dinner and propose. This ring in my pocket was burning a hole in it. I don’t think I had ever been so nervous or excited.

The entire royal family lived on the top floor of the castle. That included myself, my parents, my sister Gemma, and my Brother Duke. So, I didn’t think anything was off when I scented Duke here.

I walked through my apartment door and got a sickening feeling. Something was off. Nothing was out of place, I didn’t scent a rogue, but still something was wrong.

Marcy wasn’t in the living room or kitchen. The bedroom door was shut and locked. That’s odd. I decided to listen in, despite the walls being soundproofed, I could still hear. I have excellent hearing, so why not use it? I heard muffled sounds, definitely more than one person in there.

I gripped the handle and heard it snap and pushed the door in. I guess they didn’t hear anything because by the time I stepped into the doorway I saw my brother balls deep in my girlfriend’s pussy. She was laying on her back like the bitch she was moaning his name. I didn’t say anything, I wanted to see how long it would have taken them to notice me here.

Atlas was pissed off at the blatant disrespect from someone who was going to be made queen. Thinking back on the memory now it makes me laugh. Anyways, I had stood in that doorway for 5 whole minutes and one position change before the stupid bitch looked up. We locked eyes and she lost all color.

I smirked and said. “don’t stop on my account, by all means keep the show going.”

She shrieked and tried to run to me. My brother gulped and Marcy attempted to feed me some bullshit. “Baby, it's not what it looks like I promise."

He came on to me, I just got lost in the moment. "It was an accident, I swear!” she’s got to be fucking kidding me, right?

“Really an accident? What did you slip and fall onto his dick? I don’t think so. Of all people you were going to cheat on me with did it have to be my fucking brother?"

She didn’t say anything just looked down knowing she got caught. “We can fix this. I promise it was just this one time. It won’t happen again.”

I hear my brother chuckle. “one time, are you serious? You’ve been caught, we both have why keep lying to him? We’ve been fucking for the better half of 4 months, Marcy. We need to tell him.” She just shakes her head.

I snap my gaze to him and growl. “4 months? 4 damn months. Wow, and you? What’s your excuse for this dear little brother?” he just rubs the back of his neck nervously. I'm still debating on if I'm going to kill them both or not.

“Oh, I have no excuse other than she proposed the idea first. It started out as just a late-night booty call. She told me she was going to break things off with you, but then I found out that I knocked her up and I know it's not yours because she hasn’t slept with you since she started seeing me.”

I see red. I lunge at my brother shifting mid-air. My pure black wolf lands on duke. I snap at him, but he moves before I can get ahold of his neck. I latch onto his arm instead. I hear the bone breaking before my parents charge into the room.

Mom gasps at the sight of Marcy and Duke both naked but puts two and two together. She slaps her hard enough to knock her to the ground. My dad shifts into his brown wolf and attempts to pry me off Duke's arm before I rip it off. He knows I will.

“Enough!” he booms through our family link He grips my neck in his teeth and puts enough pressure on me to release him but not to break the skin. I may be the King now, but he is my father, and his command trumps me.

I stalk over to my mother and growl lowly at duke. He is just laying there gripping his bleeding shoulder. Before I shift back, I push my snout through my shredded clothes and grip the ring box between my teeth. Marcy whimpers seeing it knowing what it was. My parents just shift their gazes between the 3 of us.

“Explain someone, now!” my father commands.

I shift back, letting my naked body hang out. I am confident in myself. “my dear brother has knocked up my girlfriend. I was going to propose tonight, but that isn’t happening now.”

My mom looks at duke with disappointment. “son, is this true?” he just nods.

My dad slaps him. “I thought I taught you better than this? How would you feel if Kasen did this to you or your mate? You haven’t even found your mate you just turned 18 six months ago.”

He just shrugged. “I didn’t want a mate before, and I Don’t want one now.” Marcy gasped at that. Guess he made her promises he couldn’t keep.

“Well, now you’re stuck with her. Mate or not. Kasen, you are the reigning alpha king. What are you choosing to do here?” my dad had asked.

Without hesitating I speak. “I will not tolerate betrayal. I want no further contact. You both are to leave the castle. You will remain pack members but Duke you are hereby stripped of your title as a royal Beta, Marcy you are demoted to Omega. You are not to step foot within 100 yards of this castle. You have 24 hours to get your shit and get out. This is the last mistake you both will make. One more and you will be exiled.” with that I shift back into Atlas and burst through my balcony doors and leap off the railing.

I run as far as I could towards the border. I will not tolerate this crap again. I made a vow that day to not let anyone in. I was too trusting, too nice. Not anymore.

I blinked my eyes away from that memory. Atlas still growling lowly. I kept true to my vow. I became coldhearted, ruthless, emotionless, hell my family couldn’t recognize me after that.

My parents and I still live in the castle. My brother had his bastard pup, a little girl named rose. From what I hear him, and Marcy are not together she cheated on him as well. I don’t have a relationship with him despite his best efforts to fix things. I want nothing more to do with him. I have no relationship with my niece. As much as she is an innocent bystander I just can’t. Every time I look at her I see the betrayal I went through. My mother Adores her. She is saddened that her family has been torn apart, but she doesn’t force the issue.

I look at my phone and realize it's 7:30PM. All I do anymore is Work, Eat, sleep, Fuck, and train. My new Beta, Josh knocked on my door. “Enter.”

He comes in the door and sits in the armchair across from my desk. “Alpha, we have reports of rogues on the border. Squadron A has taken care of the issue. Would you like to increase patrols, sir?” The Royal pack located in Colorado. Plenty of space, mountains, privacy.

“Yes, increase patrols. I want rounds on the border every hour.” He nods his head.

“Anything else, sir?” I chuckle. “Josh, you’re my friend. Behind closed doors, you don’t have to be so formal.”

He smirks “in that case, I saw Sarah sneaking out of your room this morning. What’s going on with that?” he laughs, and I chuck my stapler at his head. It smacks the wall “always a little high on my aim.” he feigns shock and holds his chest. “Well, I Never your Majesty!”

I roll my eyes. “you know I don’t do relationships. Just a quick release for me.” he nods, knowing very well what I went through back then.

“Let's go dipshit. We're going to run patrols with the warriors. Since you want to be a smartass.” he perks up. “Want to make it a race Kase?” he knows calling me by my old nick name and challenging me will always get me to say yes. With that we shift and run for the border to start our patrols.

Samanthas POV

2 years alone. 2 long years as a rogue. I’ve traveled across the country, carefully avoiding other rogues and pack territories.

I kept all my belongings with me including my phone. I never changed my phone number. I still get daily texts from my mom, dad, and brother. Even Alpha Aaron has called me a few times. I never answered, but I saved all the voicemails. Eventually, my mailbox became full, but I never deleted any of them.

I’m currently on the border between Colorado and Kansas. I never stay in one place for long. My goal is to eventually get to the West Coast. I’ve done odd jobs just to keep money in my pocket and food in my belly and a roof over my head. My shift at the local diner ended about an hour ago and Akira was pushing me to go for a run. I went to the local State park and made sure no one was around.

I have a specific spot where I hide my clothes every time I need a run. I strip and stash my clothes in the cubby I carved in the tree. My shifts now are effortless, and quick. I let Akira take charge and I feel myself shift and start running.

After an hour, I start to get tired, and head back to my spot to get my clothes. As I near my tree I pick up a scent of other wolves.

They’re rogue. They don’t have the scent of any of the local packs here.

One is going through my stuff at the tree, while the others rough house. I stay hidden in the bushes and wait for them to leave. I feel the breeze and freeze. My scent. I see the ones play fighting stiffen. The one going through my things lifts his nose into the air and takes a deep breath. I’ve been made. As if they knew where I was all 3 of them turn towards me. I know they can’t see me, but they can clearly sense that I’m here.

“Come on our little one, we won't bite. Much.” he chuckles.

I've had my fair share of run ins with rogues. It's generally 50/50 on who you get. You have people like me just trying to get by, then you have the ones who are essentially evil devil spawns. Just my luck.

I growl a loud warning letting my beta aura show through. I can't link or speak to them, so I let my wants flow clear through my growl.

“Oh boy, I do love a good fight. Come on our sugar.” they all inch closer to my hiding space. If they come any closer, I know they’ll see me. Alright time to make like a tree and leave!

I take off and run in the opposite direction. As expected, they charge after me. I push my legs as fast as I can go being mindful to stay in the woods. Last thing we need is humans seeing a 5-foot-tall werewolf.

“Akira, we need to move it. I know we can take at least one or 2 on by ourselves, but 3 full grown males against one beta blood or not is pushing it.” She growls her approval, and we keep running. We get to the lake that I love to visit on the state border. Well, to were not in Kansas anymore.

I can feel them gaining on me and I'm mentally preparing myself for a fight. They think I'm just a small rogue shewolf. I can use that to my advantage.

I Yelp in pain as I feel one of them bite my tail. I dig my paws into the dirt to stop my run surprising them and they crash into me. We tumble a few yards and I quickly get back up and face my attackers. I raise my hackles and growl viciously. They each give me a wolfish grin and inch forward.

The leader shifts back into his human form and chuckles. “my, my, my, we have a lone wolf. She sure is pretty. What do you say pretty lady want to keep us some company tonight?”