Chapter 5 - Warrior Princess

Kasen's POV

Well, this night turned out to be anything but boring. After getting that link from Josh I headed towards the hospital. I walk through the doors and I see the elevator closing with the doctor and whoever it was that was stabbed inside.

I spot josh filling out the incident report and head towards him. The nurses and remaining doctors here bow their respects.

“Your highness.”

“Evening, Alpha King.”

I nod and keep walking. I spy Sarah walking out of a Patient room and she sees me and blushes. I smirk, she was fun. I may have to invite her over again tonight. Atlas is pacing in my head, howling nonstop. I'm starting to get a migraine.

“Beta Josh what do you have for me?” he turns around and bows his head to my wolf.

He explains the situation. “she just pushed me out of the way and took the hit for me. I don’t know why any rogue would do that. My wolf feels protective of her Your majesty. Since she did save the Royal Beta, I ask that you be lenient on her trespassing charge.” I nod. His posture relaxes. Atlas growls.

“What the fuck is your problem mutt?” I ask him he doesn’t answer just continues his odd behavior.

“Hey, Sarah.” she blushes and bows respectfully and comes up to us.

Josh smirks at me and I ask her. “do you know what is happening with the rogue that was just brought in?” knowing full well I can just look without anyone questioning it. She shakes her head.

“Let me check her chart, Your highness.” she walks around the desk and bends over her computer giving me a good view of her chest. Yep, definitely hitting that later tonight.

“Meet me in my room after your shift.” I link her privately. She nods.

“It looks like she was taken to surgery. It has her status listed as critical in her chart. Seems like she will be taken to ICU after her surgery if she makes it.”

I don’t know why but when she added that last part, I felt my heart drop. She’s just a rogue. If she dies it's one less problem on my hands.

I dismiss josh for the night and head to my floor. I unlock my apartment and head straight for my shower. I let the steam envelop me and start washing my body. I feel tiny hands wrap around my torso. I take in Sarah’s scent and turn around.

“Thank you for joining me tonight little lady.” I immediately latch onto her neck and kiss down towards her chest.

“I thought you said last night was a onetime thing?” she giggles.

“Oh it was, but you being the tease that you are, I needed just one more taste.” I let go of her neck admiring my artwork. I love leaving marks and bites. I push her down on her knees and run my fingers through her har and grab a handful.

She knows what I want. She takes my cock in her hands and starts licking the tip. I nudge her head forward and she opens her mouth wide. Taking me in as far as she can go, massaging my balls at the same time. I lean my head back against the tile. It feels so damned good.

I hear her gagging and the sound only turns me on even more. She runs her tongue up and down the length of my shaft and comes off me with a pop of her lips. I grip her under her arms and pull her up. She wraps her legs around my waist, and I kiss her lips. I reach between us and start rubbing at her nub. She moans against my lips.

I reach out of the shower and grab a condom from off of the shelf. I don’t need a mistake like a certain dickhead. I roll it on and without hesitation I plunge into her wetness. She screams at the sudden intrusion, but she loves it.

I don’t give her time to adjust, and just start moving my hips in and out of her. She kisses my jaw and runs her hands through my hair. Gripping it just like I had done her. I pop her off of my dick and stand her up. I turn her around and press her chest against the cold tiles. She’s moaning like crazy and I decide to plunge right back into her. I take her from behind and decide to rub my thumb against that pretty little asshole of hers.

“Yes! Please! Harder!” she yells.

“Your wish is my command.” I push my finger in her tight hole and piston my cock into her. I can feel my balls tighten and I know my release is near.

“You better not cum until I tell you to. Understand?” she nods in response.

I wrap my fingers around her throat and slow down my movements. She whines in response. “I don’t answer to nods. I need words baby girl.” I say sternly.

“Yes sir, I understand.” she begs for more and I quickly give it to her. I feel her pussy clench down on my dick and that sends me to my release. I grunt as I spill myself into the condom and pull out of her.

“Good girl.” I slap her ass and get back to washing my body.

After we finish the shower, I kick her out of the room. I don’t cuddle after; I don’t need the relationship. Everyone I sleep with knows its just sex. Yeah, a shewolf or two gets their hearts broken because they don’t heed my warning, but that’s their fault. I refuse to let anyone else get close to me.

“What if we meet our mate Kasen? What are you going to tell her? I don’t want to lose out on my other half just because you’re hurting inside. Mate can help! Mate can fix us!”

I roll my eyes. “there’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t need to be fixed. I like the way we are now. If we meet our mate and that’s a big if, I'm 21 and still haven’t found her. If we meet her, I will tell her how it is. That I don’t want a mate. That I don’t do relationships. I would probably reject her simply for the fact of not wanting to hurt her. She doesn’t have control over that, but I can spare her the heartbreak.”

He whines and returns to the back of my mind tucking his tail. Some Alpha king he is.

I get a call from my mom asking about dinner tomorrow. We usually do a family dinner on Saturdays. Just her dad, me and my sister. I let her know I’m coming and quickly disconnect.

I hop into bed and pull my laptop into my lap. I look over recent budget reports and incident reports. I check my calendar for events. I try everything I can to make myself tired. I sigh and rub the bridge of my nose.

I need sleep.

I pop my nightstand drawer open and grab the bottle of melatonin. I take a pill and lay down and shut my eyes waiting for the meds to bring me to a slumber.

Jakes POV

Carson was in the middle of his Alpha ceremony and Luna Ceremony. Yes, he found his mate. She’s a sweet girl, hopefully shell be able to change his attitude.

Ever since Sam left, I felt like I was missing a part of me. Mom and dad said they had forgiven me, But I can see it in their eyes. I'm the reason one of their pups is gone who knows where. We’ve all tried to contact her. Except for Carson.

Lyssa was so glad when Sam left that she didn’t allow him to help us find her. His dad gave him an ultimatum. Either Lyssa or his Title. His dad had a point, he may not have done anything to Sam, but he didn’t stop it and that’s not how this works. Not for an alpha.

Lyssa didn’t take being dumped too well. She tried to sleep with everyone in the pack including me. I turned her down so fast and in the middle of the pack dinner. She was embarrassed. Never happened again though. Nanuk got a good laugh out of that. All of the other members who bullied her changed their tune really quick.

The day after she left people tired to say they were glad she was gone. I lost my cool and those wolves stayed a week in the hospital. People don’t mention her much anymore and even if they do, they just look at us in pity.

Most people realized they had fucked up on how they treated her, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s gone. Wherever Sam is she is too far away for us to link. Trust me we’ve tried. We only ever got static or radio silence. We tried calling or texting. Her mailbox eventually got full, but I still called just to hear her voice again on the voicemail. I send her a good morning text and goodnight text every day. 2 years and I still send them. I know mom and dad do too. They are retiring today since Carson is taking his dads’ position. That means I will move to the Beta slot.

Halfway through the ceremony I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my right shoulder. I’m not bleeding. What is happening?

“Nanuk, What’s going on?”

He just whimpers one word. “Sister…” the pain gets worse. I know whatever I feel my twin feels twice as much. God, it feels like I’m dying. I collapse on the ground gripping my shoulder. My Parents run to me checking me for injuries.

“ITS SAM, this is Sam’s pain. Somethings wrong! It fucking hurts!" I rip my shirt off and see a red raised spot form on my shoulder. “It feels like she's being stabbed; she feels disoriented.”

My mom sobs hearing me call out what my twin is feeling. I feel the burn now. I just look at my dad my eyes widening. He grips my hand in comfort. “Dad, it's silver. Whatever her Sam is silver.”

He growls and hugs my mom while holding my hand. Carson calls for the pack doctor and jumps off the stage. He and his new Luna run to us. Alpha Aaron and his Luna Marie attempt to comfort my mom and dad. The doctor arrives and takes a look at me. I explain everything that’s going on, the pain, the burn, how it's all Samantha’s.

“David, where is my baby? You promised you’d find her!” she sobs and punches at his chest. He takes the blows and just hold her to him. Taking in her scent to calm himself.

Carson looks at me with regret and pity. I know he feels some blame for not being able to find Sam. We were close once. We got some tips that she had been working for a diner at a truck stop in Kentucky. By the time we got there though she was gone.

The Doctor give me a shot of morphine to help with the pain. And before it kicks in I feel her loose consciousness. “D...Dad…I can't feel her anymore. She’s either out cold or...”

He growls and Cain takes control. “Don’t you dare finish that sentence pup?” I bow my head. He sighs and takes my hand while rubbing my mom’s back. Please be okay, Sam.

Carson Dismisses the crowd since the ceremony is complete anyways. He hoists me up and helps me to my room.

“What I felt down there was excruciating man, and I can only feel half of what she feels. I'm worried. I know she’s strong, but that’s a lot of pain and it was silver I just know it was.” He helps me into bed.

“I know, man. I still have my best trackers out looking for her. We will find her. Well, check local hospitals and send out notices to every pack I can think of. We will find her.”

I don’t say anything. What else is there to say? He leaves the room and I just lay in the bed. I fall asleep and dream of that night. The night she left. The night I pushed her away. I didn’t mean any of it. I love my sister. I need my sister. I’m such a fucking fool. If it wasn’t for me, she would be here. She wouldn’t have been stabbed; she would be safe.

I wake up sweating and panting. My dad comes into the room. He pulls up a chair to the side of the bed. He doesn’t say anything just stares at the wall like it’s his mortal enemy.

A few minutes pass and he finally breaks the silence. “I know you’re blaming yourself. Cain can feel it and he's spoken to Nanuk. I have gotten over my anger over the past. I am just a hurting father who’s missing his pup. You are also my pup and you’re hurting. I've watched you these past 2 years. I know you feel like you’re the reason she’s gone. It wasn’t just you. It was a combination of everyone son. You’ve turned everything around. I am proud of that. I know you’re hurting. Cain didn’t mean to snap at you down there. He is just worried for his pup. You’ll understand when you have pups one day. This isn’t your fault though. She is a strong fighter. I trained her well. She is a Layne. She’s not gone. She can’t be gone. She’s a fighter.” He trails off. He's probably trying to convince himself as well as me.

“You’re my son and a damn good beta. I am proud of you Jake. She will be okay. We WILL bring her home” he sits with me until I fall asleep again. It lightens my heart to hear my dad still loves me despite what I've done.