Chapter 6 - Warrior Princess

Samanthas POV

I feel nothing but pain. I know I’m not dead. I can hear the constant beeping of the hospital monitors. Despite the fact of me not being dead, I couldn’t open my eyes. I tried hard.

I don’t know how long it has been since the night of the attack. I can only hope it hasn’t been too long. I've already been a burden on my family and old pack. I don’t want to be one here, and me being hooked up to these monitors being a waste of space is what I would call being a burden.

Interrupting my thoughts, I pick up on a new scent entering the room. I feel something squeeze my arm. Seems to be a nurse checking my vitals. I want to tell her so bad to not worry about me. To focus on someone worth their time. But apparently along with my eyes, my mouth doesn’t work either. I feel whoever is checking me over stroke my head.

“poor thing she’s been through a lot. I can feel her despair radiating off of her.” She doesn’t know the half of it. “Beta Josh, the doctor will be in shortly to give you an update. The Alpha king had asked about her progress earlier, shall I call him down as well?”

What is the beta still doing here?

I hear him sigh. “No Cindy, the king is, how do I put it, occupied at the moment.”

I mentally roll my eyes. It seems like whoever this Cindy is agrees with me because she chimes in, “I know exactly what his highness is doing. I feel sorry for whoever his mate is. I know what he’s been through, but he goes through woman like candy, and don’t scold me on my tone of voice. I’m old enough to be both of your grandparents, was there when your mothers gave birth to you. I’ve earned the right to scold you young boys.” He just chuckles and that’s when there is a knock on the door.

“Evening beta, Cindy.” such a warm voice. He seems nice. “how is she, Doc?” Beta josh sounds nervous and eager at the same time. I wonder why?

“Permission to speak freely, Beta?” I guess he nods because he doesn’t answer, and the doctor continued with his talk. “Is this young Maiden your mate? You haven’t left this room since you brought her in yesterday. Don’t get me wrong she's making great progress and her wolf is healing her nicely despite the amount of silver that was in her. Im actually quite shocked it's almost as if this rogue has gone through silver tolerance training.” He trails off and the beta takes a minute to answer.

“No, she's not my mate, but I can’t explain it. I feel drawn to her. Like I need to protect her. I don’t know why, and my wolf doesn’t either. I have a feeling that this wolf is important or at least important to this pack. Bliz is confused and I am as well. I don’t feel sparks when I touch her. Her scent smells nice, but it's not intoxicating as it usually is with mates. But my wolf wants to be around her and protect her. He doesn’t want to leave her.” As he says this, he grabs my hand and rubs small circles on my wrist.

He's right, there’s no sparks, but I do feel calm with him.

“Whatever you’re doing beta keep doing it. I’ve been watching her vitals and her heart monitor. Her Blood pressure normalizes, and her heart rate calms down whenever you’re in the room. I don’t think you’re mates either, but if your wolf is telling you she is important and she needs to be protected it is for a good reason. Who knows maybe she is someone’s mate in this pack and that’s why he’s protective of her?” Cindy comes closer and I can feel her checking my wound on my shoulder. It hurts.

“But back to this mystery girl, if she keeps healing quickly like I suspect she should be ready for discharge in a couple of days. I would like to keep her here at least for that long just for observation. I don’t know what her plans are or what the King's plans are for her since she did trespass, but she should be good to go id say by Tuesday at the latest.” Josh growls at the doctor. My guess is, he’s growling for the doctor talking about my punishment. He did say he was protective of me.

There’s a knock on the door and the most amazing smell hits my nose. It smells like Cinnamon and Apples. Goddess, he smells like a cinnamon stick.

“MATE, MATE, MATE!” Akira screams in my head. I knew she was there, healing me, but does she have to be so god damned loud?

“Well, that would explain why your wolf is protective of her beta. It looks like this young lass here is your Luna, Our queen.” the doctor chirps. I hear a nasty snarl.

“She is not my mate. She is NOT your queen. I don’t want a mate. I simply came here to check on her progress. GOD DAMMIT!” he yells.

I feel my heart plummet. Josh stands and growls. He did not just growl at the Alpha king! Does he have a death wish?

“I’m only going to say this once Josh because you are my friend and I respect you, but if you growl at me again. I will rip you to shreds.” My supposed mate spits out. My heart breaks. I guess it’s true, I guess what everyone said is true. No one will ever want me. I will forever be a worthless shewolf. I don’t want to be here anymore. I have to wake up. I have to get out of here. I need to wake the fuck up.

“Akira, HELP ME! Help me wake up.” She just whimpers and howls. She’s in pain. Our family didn’t want us, now our Mate doesn’t want us. He's supposed to though, he was made for us. He's our other half. The goddess must hate me.

Everyone in the room stops yelling at each other and the next thing I know, I feel hands all over me, pokes and prods. The doctor yells. “Everyone get the hell out now!”

What is happening?

“Akira is scared, what is happening?”

She is still crying in my head. The only thing she can get out is. “Hurt, Mate, Help, Alone, Hurt, Hurt, Hurt.”

I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry. You deserve a better human. This is all my fault. These thoughts run through my head on repeat.

“Nurse bring the sedative. I think she can still hear us and all the commotion and everything that happened was too much. It wasn’t a flat-out rejection, but her wolf may have taken it as one. I just hope her wolf doesn’t give up and keeps trying to heal her.”

They gave me the sedative in my IV and I start to feel sleepy. I just want the pain to stop. I don’t want to be a burden anymore. I don’t want to be a waste of space anymore.

“That’s better. I don’t want anyone in this room except Beta Josh. He kept her calm before; he can do it again.” Everyone leaves the room. Finally, peace and quiet.

I can think of a plan to get out of here. Not like I’m wanted here anyways. Plans and scenarios run through my head until I finally drift back to sleep.

Thank you, sedative.

Kasens POV

I woke up feeling refreshed today. It's going to be a good day. My wolf Atlas is peppy, which is unusual, but I’m going to go with the flow. I shower, shave and get dressed. Walking downstairs for breakfast I see my mom at the stove cooking. That was her favorite thing to do when we were all kids. Gemma is at the table reading her books, dad is doing a crossword puzzle. Retirement suites him.

I walk up to my mom and kiss her cheek. “Morning mother!” I chirp. She raises her brow at me, Gemma puts her book down and scrutinizes me, dad just looks at me like I'm planning something.

“What’s gotten into you?” Gemma asks while squinting her eyes at me.

“Oh, nothing just happy. Today going to be a good day.” No one says anything after. I guess in fear of ruining my mood. This is one of the first days I’ve felt like this in 2 years.

We all eat breakfast chatting about our plans for the day. I take everyone’s plate when they are finished and placed them in the sink. I hug my mom and Gemma and run off before they can say anything else. It's fun to keep them puzzled. I don’t let this side out of me often anymore. When I did before it led to me being hurt. But I’m just so happy today that I can’t help myself.

I walk to the training fields and observe my warriors training and exercising. My lead trainer/Gamma approaches me and stands at attention looking over at his new trainees.

“How are they looking today, Marcus?” he gives me a detailed report of things that are going well, things that need improvement and his recommendations on where these current warriors should be placed after graduation. I look to the opposite field to see my advanced warriors sparring and working out.

“Want to give them a demonstration, Marcus? Been a while old man.” He smirks at me and nods. “Everyone gather round. Your alpha king is going to give you all a valuable lesson today. He will be sparring with me. Pay close attention. You will be quizzed after the fight.”

I hear a lot of ohs, and ahs, and wows. This is going to be fun. Josh, Marcus and I all grew up together. It's been a while since we’ve all had a good playful spar, and since josh is busy guarding the rogue in the hospital, it's Marcus’ turn to get his ass whooped.

We both step in the ring and neither of us make a move. We begin to circle each other in assessment. “so, old man do you want wolf form, human, or both?” he chuckles.

“Old man? I am only 2 years older than you are Alpha. And I think I shouldn’t tell you what form. Let the battle take whichever road it is going to take.” he winks, and we continue our stalking. I can wait here all day; I refuse to make the first move. He realizes this and lunges for me and throws a right hook at my face, I move out of the way, but he catches me in the ribs with his left jab. Every time, it never fails.

I immediately go in for my attack. He dodges my first two punches, but I get him in the hip with a good kick. He staggers backwards and I use his loss of balance to my advantage. I get him in a headlock, but with Marcus, I know this is anything but over. He throws himself back to land on top of me and rolls out of my grasp.

This goes on for about 20 more minutes. Us pinning one another, jabs, punches, pretty sure I have a broken nose and he has a couple broken ribs. I decide to finish this spar and put him in a sleeper hold by wrapping my arm around his neck, locking it with my other arm grasping his head and wrapping my legs around his back to hold his legs down and out of the way until he taps out. He realizes I’ve won and taps out. We both lay on the grass and chuckle.

“Man, I love a good fight.” he tells me a look of joy in his eyes. I help him up and Leave him to continue training the young warriors.

I head to check on the pups at the school we have here in the kingdom. I try to visit the school and assess needs and issues there at least 3 times a week. I may be a cold-hearted son of a bitch, but I love my pack and will do anything to make it and the entire werewolf kingdom succeed.

After spending about an hour playing with the pups in the preschool classes and meeting with the older teens, I head to my next stop of the day which is checking on the local farms. We try to self-sustain here in this pack. The less contact with the human world the better.

After making checking on all aspects of the pack I head back to my office to handle some paperwork, check grievances from packs all over, and handle any requests from the counsel. I go over budgets for our pack and all other packs, look at approvals for allies and conflicts. Giving them approval or denial in cases of fighting, requests for help or aid.

I Sit back and rub the bridge of my nose. Looking at my clock, I see that it is almost 5:00 I know I have dinner with my family tonight and I need to check on that rogue that was brought in. I leave the castle and head towards the hospital we have here on our territory.

Walking through the doors of the hospital, I pick up on a scent that makes atlas mad. I look around and see my Brother and Marcy in the waiting room. I don’t see their pup. He looks up and his eyes meet mine, he looks scared and starts to get up.

I hold my hand up and walk away. The disappointment in his eyes is not missed, but this is his own doing. I was serious when I said I want nothing more to do with him. I can feel my sour mood coming back. So much for today being a good day.

“Josh, what room is the rogue in?” I link him.

It doesn’t take him long to respond, “Room 383, just in time the doctor is here giving me an update on her.”

Great, the sooner she gets discharged the sooner we can get her case over with and get her the hell off my land.

I take the elevator to the 3rd floor and step into the hallway. Atlas has lost his ever-loving mind at this point. Running circles, yipping and howling in my head.

“Will you calm down, you stupid mutt?” he just growls at me and continues acting like a pup again. I roll my eyes and walk towards the room. That smell, it smells fantastic. Like Warm sugar cookies and Vanilla. I want to find it and keep it whatever it is. Atlas agrees with me. It seems to be coming from the rogues’ room. Josh must have had his Mother bring him food while he was here. Perfect opportunity to take it.

I rub my hands together in satisfaction. I knock on the door but don’t wait to hear permission to enter. As I walked through the door, I see the rogue in question and freeze. She’s gorgeous, freckles covering her face, long brown hair, a cute button nose.

I head Atlas in my head yelling. “MATE!”