Chapter 4 - The Rejected Wolf

She was dreading tonight, her mother decided that before she left to visit Penne that they needed to have a family dinner since she was going to miss thanksgiving. So that means that she had to sit down to dinner with her mom, dad, Olivia, and Adam, moon goodness just kill me now.

School for the past week had been really hectic, she had several tests and she had been up late studying over at Natasha’s every night studying for them. She loved being at Natasha’s house, her mom was amazing while you could tell she was heartbroken over nat’s dad and that situation, you could tell that she loved her daughter very much.

Svetlana absolutely doted on her daughter, and spoiled her rotten. Since meeting Nat she had been shopping with the pair two or three times, she just tagged along while the two bought everything they wanted. She tried not to be too envious of the love between the two, or the constant spoiling but it was hard. However, the last time they went shopping it was a very different experience which caused Lili to brake down crying. What those two did for her still brought a tear to her eye.

They took her to a different mall, and the first store they walked into was a place called Torrid. The sales lady instead of being a traditional side 0 looked to be about a size 14 or 16. When Fitz (Svetlana) said that we’re here for her daughter (me) and that we can never find her clothes that fit. The saleswoman stated that all clothes are designed at a size 18, and meant to be for plus size woman. She took one look at me and handed me several different sizes of pretty much everything, from t-shirts to dresses and jeans. When I put on a pair of jeans that fit my body perfectly, I sobbed I never had a pair of jeans fit me so amazingly, or be in style. Then when I looked at the price tag I cried again because I couldn’t afford to buy any of these amazing clothes. Fitz told me that she would happily pay for my clothes, I tried refusing but she wouldn’t hear of it. Natasha’s mom confided in me that while Natasha was close with her cousins, she didn’t have any friends and Svetlana was so thrilled her daughter had finally made a new friend. Lili tried refusing again saying that she never had a friend either and she couldn’t take advantage of her friends mom.

“Hardball then? Ok how about because I always wanted another child? And I could see you being my daughter.” That sentence floored her. No one wanted to claim her, and so having her friends mom say that to her made her cave.

Liliana pulled out one of her new dresses for the dinner, she really liked it. The dress itself was grey and It had the aristocrats on it. The dress fell just below her knee, and it really flattered her figure. She really hoped her sister Olivia would be into her mate tonight, she hated talking to her sister. Olivia perfected the art of the backhanded compliment.

Liliana was fixing her long blonde hair when she heard the doorbell ring. She heard her father answer the door, then some good natured conversation.

“Liliana come down your sister is here,” her mom yelled up at her.

“Coming mom!” She yelled right back. She went down the stairs and entered the kitchen. “Do you need any help with anything?”

“Yeah stir this,” her mother replied while putting down the spoon and moving to something else. That’s one of the only things she and her mother bonded over cooking, we both loved to cook. While all of moms daughters like to help out in the kitchen Liliana always spent all day in the kitchen with mom making something or other. Lili loved moms cookies more than anything else, she hadn’t been able to make them very well herself, she always tended to burn them.

Liliana was the last one out the door with the large side of mashed potatoes, she really didn’t want to do this dinner, but here she was. Everyone was piling their plate high with food, but Liliana knew better than to do so in front of Olivia. She got some ham as well as some green beans, and a large amount of fruit. She dared not touch anything else, of course she knew her actions wouldn’t be missed by her mother.

“Is that all you are eating? You feeling all right Lili?”

“Yes mom, I’m fine,” she responded but didn’t offer much more. Olivia looked at her plate but scoffed at its contents.

“What another one of your diets?”

“Just come train with me and you won’t need a diet,” Adam chimed in with a leer on his face. Liliana felt herself pull a bit more into herself, she knew the rest of this night wouldn’t be good.

“So Lili how are the college applications going?” Her mother asked. The whole dinner was about the training program that her sister and father were implementing. While she didn’t understand what most of it meant, she was still proud of them as it sounded like it was causing a lot of attention from other packs.

Before she could respond her sister chuckled maliciously, “why are you applying to college? It’s not like you are smart enough.”

“Olivia that’s enough.” Her mother stated.

“She’s right, she’s only stating the truth.” Her father commented.

“Can I be excused,” Lili asked with a slight quiver in her voice, that comment hurt.

“Yes,” her mother returned. She left the room looking to see both her sister and Adam giving her a malicious glare.

Lili decided to take a shower and tried to stop crying about the way her sister treated her. But she didn’t know how to stop, Olivia was so intimidating and scary, not to mention her mate. He is definitely some one a person wouldn’t want to spend an evening alone with. As she was coming out of the shower with just a tank top and pajama shorts on, she felt a presence. Suddenly she was caged in by large arms. She tried to scream, but Adam covered her mouth and hissed in her ear.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want it little girl.” She shook her head frantically. He chuckled sadisticlly in her ear.

“Oh the things I could do to you, it’s a shame your not eighteen, don’t scream or I will hurt you.” Adam let go of her mouth, she breathed heavily but didn’t scream. He smirked at her and walked away. Goddess she was terrified. She ran back into her room and locked the door. She put the chair up against the door handle for good measure.

Lili put on some music trying to block out the sounds of a happy family coming from downstairs, knowing she wasn’t welcome. She couldn’t wait until she left tomorrow, so she could put the memory of what just happened far behind her.