Chapter 5 - The Rejected Wolf

Liliana and Natasha had been bouncing with joy the whole car ride up to Chicago. Her mom, Svetlana decided to drive them up instead of them taking the train as her parents had originally agreed to. Lili’s mom was thrilled as Lili had some one else looking after them.

“Finally, finally a week away from all of the drama! The bullying”

“The taunting,” Nat chimed in. That was all Natasha really had to deal with, the kids would just call her a witch. The taunting for her had died down a lot when alpha Liam had a meeting last month and announced due to Svetlana’s protection spells there was a decrease of rogue attacks. He also stated that it would be a shame if Svetlana left because she or her daughter were not fitting in with the pack, especially since she was protecting them.

The message was clear, if the bullying on Nat didn’t stop then Svetlana would leave and who ever bullied her would be kicked out of the pack. So now the only one who would taunt Nat would be the vicious alpha to be himself. Killian truly wasn’t very bright, while Natasha didn’t say anything about the bullying her mother knew, she also told me she plans on leaving when he becomes alpha. Svetlana is only here to give her daughter a stable normal life. Lili didn’t understand why didn’t have that before, but she didn’t pry.

But the girls were beyond excited for this trip, it was hopefully giving them a glimpse of their soon to be future once they graduated high school. Witches lived to be hundreds of years old, so while Natasha is expected to finish her witch training she doesn’t have to until she reaches her fiftieth birthday. So despite the fact that not many supernatural being continue their education, Natasha wants to be like Liliana and escape into the human realm for awhile.

The girls finally got to the campus and couldn’t help but look around in awe. While Lili knew she wouldn’t be able to go to the same campus as Penne she still couldn’t wait to get away from the pack for at least four years.

“Lili!” Lili turned to see her sister and an attractive man coming up next to her. She ran to hug her

“Penne!” The girls hugged for awhile before pulling apart. “I missed you Penne, how are you? How’s college?”

“Good! I missed you too so much, but college has been so much fun.”

“Awesome, Penelope this is my best friend Natasha.” Penelope pulled a surprised Natasha into a tight hug.

“It’s great to meet you, Lili has been talking about you nonstop!”

“Penne!” She said so she would stop embarrassing her. “Whose this? Your boyfriend?” Lili asked to get the attention off of her. Penelope looked back at the man behind her, and with a shrug of her shoulder said,

“Oh no! This is Nate, he’s in a lot of the same classes.” Lili looked at Nate when he said they weren’t a couple, the look was brief but you could tell he was crushed. That wasn’t surprising Penelope unknowingly left behind her a trail of broken hearts. She took a whiff in, while he was a shifter he didn’t smell like a wolf. The second biggest shifter out there was puma’s.

“Puma?” Nate nodded his head just slightly in acknowledgment and nodded to Natasha.


“Yeah, got a problem with that?” She asked. Before Nate could say anything, Penne jumped in.

“No of course not! I am so excited for this weekend.”

“Us too!” The girls said in unison.

“Come one, let’s go for a tour, don’t worry I’ll skip the boring stuff.” Penne started leading us away when Nate waved goodbye saying that he had a class.

She had a quick moment after the tour, Penelope and Natasha wanted to do some quick shopping. She decided to go to the cafe she saw earlier. As she walked in she happened to see Nate sitting alone with his laptop. He looked up and offered her to sit with him. It was after the waitress took her order, and there was some awkward silence when she decided to jump in.

“I’m sorry.” Nate looked at her confused,

“Sorry for what.”

“Sorry about what Penne said when we first met.” What she said registered, and he started to look sad.

“How did you know?”

“That you love her? Everyone loves her, they can’t help themselves.” Nate gave a sad chuckle.

“We really can’t, I didn’t plan to, I planned on waiting for my mate, but we first met on our chemistry lab, and I was blown away not just by her outside beauty, but she radiates beauty from the inside out.” Nate was so in love with her. Lili smiled,

“She really does, doesn’t she.” They both chuckled for a bit.

“It’s hard being her sister sometimes, because everyone falls in love with her, but she is waiting for her mate and is completely oblivious to men.”

“Oh believe me I know that.” They both chuckled,

“Don’t feel bad, you definitely aren’t the first man to crash and burn.” Lili smiled thinking about all the men over the years. “To be honest I’m not even sure what she will do when she meets her mate, I mean I don’t think she will reject him, but I imagine he will be jumping through plenty of hoops.” She smiled at Nate and saw the pain in his eyes, “try not to dwell too much on Penelope, while she is amazing, you have your perfect mate out there made for you by the moon Goddess herself, and you will forget all about Penelope.” There was an awkward moment that they let settle between them, before he broached it,

“So what do you want to study?” Lili smiled at the question.

“I don’t know.” Nate gave her an odd look,

“Your pack is letting you study in a human college where it won’t directly improve the pack?” She sighed,

“I’m officially down as a teacher, cause I do like kids, but is it something I want to do? No not really, but no one asked me or cared. All that matters at this point is I escape that place, especially since Penne is gone.” Nate shifted a little in his seat, he let a little of his aura slip through.

“Do they abuse you?”

“Not physically, the only perks of being a Gamma’s daughter.” She looked up in his eyes and saw that his puma was starting to show in his eyes.

“Nate, reign it in, your aura is starting to slip through,” she replied just now realizing that this man was an alpha. Nate closed his eyes, and you could see him having an inner battle with his beast. After a moment he opened his eyes and they were thankfully back to their normal color.

“Sorry, my cat doesn’t like hearing about what happened to you.” Lili put my head down in embarrassment. She couldn’t let herself feel anything for this man, she could never compete with Penelope.

“Here give me your phone,” Lili looked up at his in confusion but did as he asked. He quickly typed away, and said “there now you have my number if you need anything, anything at all. My pack is located in Missouri, not that far from St. Louis.” She took her phone back,

“Thank you, alpha Nate.” Nate looked up at her sharply,

“You can tell?”

“Yeah, your aura is very powerful, stronger than our alpha.”

“Don’t tell Penelope, she just thinks I’m a gamma like you,” he replied in which she laughed. He gave her a confusing look.

“No offense but Penne is even more clueless to men than I thought, you carry yourself like an alpha, even before you released your aura I could tell you were a member of rank like a beta or alpha.”

“You are very observant,” he replied.

“It comes with the territory of being ignored.”

Lili and Nate sat there comfortably eating there lunch until her sister and Natasha walked in. Penelope sat down next to Nate with a suggestive look in her eye,

“Ohh looks like you two have bonded!” Liliana buried her face in her hands and squeals out in embarrassment,

“Penelope!” Liliana looked up at her sister and Nate and she could see how sad he really was. She quickly pulled out her phone and texted him a “sorry.” She saw him pull out his pocket, see the text but didn’t respond. Lili decided to save him some embarrassment, and try to leave.

“Hey I’m just about done, why don’t we head back to your dorm.” Nate gave her a thankful look.

“Oh that’s why we found you, I found a torrid a couple blocks from here, it is so much bigger than the one at home.”

“No way! What are we waiting for!” Liliana went to go pay, only to find out Nate went ahead and paid for them. She texted them a quick thank you and headed out. Liliana was in heaven when she entered the store, she never really thought much for shopping, but that was before she ever had clothes that ever fit her.

Penelope stared at her sister in disbelief as she watched her sister in the store, Lili hated shopping, but that was before she realized the clothes she had never really fit her well. It looks like she owed her sister an apology.

The girls headed back to the dorm after Penelope bought her whatever she wanted at the store, she tried to refuse, but Penne wasn’t having it. Lili set her bags down on the bed when her sister said,

“I’m sorry.” Lili looked up at her sister,

“For what?”

“For not realizing sooner why you hated shopping.” Lili smiled,

“It’s ok Penelope, your an amazing sister, even if you are a little bit clueless.” Penelope shrieked in outrage before tackling her sister to the bed. Natasha came in and jumped in on the dog pile

Later on before she fell asleep after watching hours of supernatural Liliana couldn’t help but feel so happy and content.

The girls spent the rest of the weekend around campus, sadly they didn’t do any parties as Penelope wasn’t much for parties. They did visit a couple of karaoke bars. Natasha got them flawless fake ID’s thanks to witchcraft, though they weren’t interested in getting drunk. Which is very hard for a werewolf to do. The girl grabbed a few Bahama mamas and sang some pop songs. Lili can’t ever remember having so much fun. Lili even got a guys number, she had no intention of calling him, but just the fact that an older male was interested in her made her confidence shoot through the roof.

Sunday morning came, and Lili couldn’t help but cry as she said goodbye to Penelope.

“Christmas will be here in a flash Lili, I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you penne.”

“I love you too little sis.” Lili couldn’t help but cling tightly to her sister knowing she was leaving the one person who loved her despite everything.