Chapter 3 - The Rejected Wolf

The school year continued on pretty much in that manner. Every day both Lili and Natasha would get name called by the kids in school. The worst being the future alpha and his girlfriend. The teasing strengthened the new friendship between the girls but it only made things worse for Liliana.

While Lili did the best she could to ignore the taunts and jeers, she spent every night crying herself to sleep. Which only made her migraines worse. She was able to push her mom off about a trip to the packs infirmity until November, but with dread the day of her appointment came. It was the beginning of the month, and she was looking forward to it because her parents were letting her visit her sister in college during Thanksgiving break, she was so excited. However, when Jennifer found out she was visiting a college campus she got jealous (it’s rare for anyone to leave packgrounds) and decided to pull a prank on her where paint splattered all over her. The entire senior class watched, pointed, and laughed.

She ran home, cried for three hours, and had a migraine that lasted two days. When she was finally able to get out of bed, despite her father saying she was just lazy who was trying to get out of warrior training, mom scheduled her an appointment with a doctor.

Liliana and her mother sat at the waiting room with her head on her mothers shoulder. She always loved cuddling up with her mother, but her father discouraged it as she got older she was allowed to do it less and less. Now she is only able to do it when she is sick at the doctors. Lili dreaded the being in the waiting room, it felt like she was being called back to her doom. This was just another time she was right.

She got in the car with her mom after the appointment and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Goddess she hated going to these appointments her mother made her go to. They were pointless and just made her miserable. No one believed her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Apparently the doctor she saw today, Dr. Campbell son is one of the kids picking on her at school. Campbell happened to overhear that his son and future alpha talking about the paint prank at school. And he saw nothing wrong with it, because to him I was simply the girl who lied about being sick, so during todays visit the doctor suggested that I go on antidepressants because I was being bullied at school, not to mention the lying of being sick.

I looked my mother dead in the eye and said to her,

“What would it have mattered you wouldn’t have done anything. Maybe tell dad, but when he said I deserved it for being a lazy liar you would have let the matter drop.” My mother looked at me shocked but she didn’t deny the allegation.

“Goddess I hate living in a pack, where you are expected to have more loyalty to your alpha than your family. I would honestly prefer to be human, I mean I know they aren’t that much better either but they don’t have a system like we do, from what I can tell you just have your family and they love you. Goddess I wish I had that, I hear everything changes when you get your wolf though.” Lili had that inner ranting as they drove home.

Werewolf’s are supposed to start hearing their wolf a few months before they turn on their eighteenth birthday. It’s so hopefully one can find their mate. The mate bond is supposed to ease the pain of the first shift, for some weaker wolves it has been said it can kill them, or for the omegas their bodies are too weak to handle the shift and they just don’t shift, sometimes their whole life. If they mate to a stronger wolf, after they mate and mark an omegas body can become strong enough to shift. Which is why there are not a lot of omega mating to omega pairings.

Lili’s mom stopped the car, she got out and immediately went up to her room. She spent the evening in there until it was time for dinner. She ate dinner with her parents, where the topic of the doctors appointment didn’t come up, to which she was very thankful. Liliana did the dishes afterwards, which is normal then went up to her room and finished her homework.

She had a bunch of tests coming up and she wasn’t that smart, if she wanted to get in a decent college she had to have decent grades. She heard her phone ding.

N: how was the appt

L: just how I thought it would be

N: that bad?

L: Owen’s dad was my doctor today

N: shit, so he told your mom everything?

L: no just enough to say that since I’m being bullied I’m simply faking my illness to seek attention or some such bullshit.

N: what a d ick

L: ya I thought the same thing

L: oh but he did suggest I go on meds for depression

N: what did ur mom say?

L: she’d think bout it

N: think she will put u on them?

L: no, can’t have the daughter of the gamma family being crazy pills, what would everyone think.

N: we love you Liliana

L: I love you guys too, idk wut I’d do without u.

Lili put her phone down, she knew her mother loved her, otherwise she wouldn’t take her to the pack infirmary all the time, but apparently that love with limited to her duty as gamma female and the image that must be portrayed on the pack. She let a single tear run down her cheek before wiping it away and getting pack to her studying.

As she settled down in bed she heard her parents arguing about her doctors appointment. As she expected her father started yelling saying that if she wasn’t so lazy she wouldn’t be picked on in school. She tried to hold pack her tears, goddess why did her father hate her so much? Why, what did she ever do to him?

Sometimes she wished she was never born. It is clear that the only child my father ever wanted was Olivia, he never paid attention to either Me or Penelope. But with Penelope the whole pack praises her beauty and intelligence, me I was just a burden. An embarrassment, some one not worthy of being his daughter. He said it every night at the dinner table.

She halted her tears, and tried to sleep knowing the next day would only bring the same pain.