Isabella's POV

This is definitely not what I have envisioned for myself.

I have never thought of giving contract or arranged marriages a try despite how I have been so unlucky in relationships.

I have never been in a relationship before and I am a f**king virgin. I don't know if it is the excitement of having a man talk to me that is the problem that makes them go away and never come back for another date or probably because of my sticking behavior towards intimacy.

I have been sitting in my office all day long, doing absolutely nothing but crying, cursing, and wishing for the impossible.

How can I be married to my boss? And for just a year? How is that even possible?

Is it the fact that I will be under his roof that is the problem or the issue of being with him for just a year?

I can't pinpoint the reason for my sadness. I just don't feel like going through with this.

My boss is a f***ing Greek god and I am worried about my weak heart. 

When I first started work here a year ago, I had secretly admired him from afar for the first few weeks but when he showed me his true colors by shouting at me, giving me orders, and tormenting my life with loads of work to do all in the name of punishments, my crush for him began to fade away the way it came and I sank myself deeper into my work.

Grandma needs her leg surgery to be done in the next few weeks and I have nothing in my savings account. 

Absolute nothing!

My salary only helps to pay the bills; laundry, electricity bills, rent, groceries, our home management, and grandma's medications.

Aside from all of these, I have nothing else left to save.

How do I come up with money before the next appointment which is in two weeks? This appointment with the doctor in two weeks will determine the day for the surgery.

If we don't go to the hospital with the money, the doctor might send us out because we haven't been paying the hospital bills for a month now. Something came up and I used that money for something else.

Gosh! I hit my head.

Crying won't solve the problem. I need to think of an alternative.

Should I ask Juliet for advice on what to do? I have never been so indecisive in my entire life.

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