Jayden's POV

It's been two years already.

Two f***ing years of torture. Two years since she died with my baby.

I have been through the phase of remembering the memories of the night we spent together and what led to our quarrel before death took her away. It's been nothing but pure torture and hatred for myself and what I represent.

I still blame myself for her death.

If only I had listened to her, if only I had given up on the dangerous family business like she used to call it, maybe this wouldn't have happened and we would still be together with our child.

But I didn't. I was too stubborn to let go of the life I have been brought up into. My Father was the Mafia Leader. I was trained to become one too but Helena was in the way. 

She hated what we do with passion. She wanted me to cut ties with anything that will make me go into it. It was hard for me. I loved what we did. I loved being in control. I loved punishing the offenders.

Helena hated it till death. 

Now I have abandoned every single thing that reminds me of her as well as cutting ties with my ever busy father. He understands my plight and we haven't spoken in more than a year.

Mother on the other hand has been pestering me about getting a wife and a grandchild. Helena and I didn't make it to the altar and I doubted if I could ever love another woman as I do love her.

Ever since she died, love scares me and it has been erased from my dictionary. In fact, commitment means nothing to me. I hate the word.

Mother keeps pestering me and I want to prove to her that marriage or having kids isn't for me. They will be an object of target to my rivals and enemies. I hate to go through another tough phase of losing loved ones.

I am done.

But I will satisfy her by getting married to someone, then we would be divorced after a year.

This was my confusion last night after a video call with her. But the problem was who to tell, who to discuss this with, and who to take as a wife.

I told my friend, Gabriel and we have plans to go to a club tonight. Gabriel is married and he is in support of me getting married too by letting go of the past.

But is it that easy?

Yes, it is.

I have let go totally but I would never believe in love, I would never be committed and I would never be married on my own free will. 

As soon as Isabella with her long straight black hair and vivid blue eyes entered and began to stutter about her problems, I decided to use her problems to my advantage. 

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