Jayden's POV 

Loud music blasts into my ears the moment I step into the club.

The last time I came here was long before Helena died. I usually frequent this place just to have fun with my friends and with new business partners and clients. This is where we come for relaxation after days of hard work.

But I stopped coming, just like I stopped every other thing that interested me since Helena died.

I stopped being friends with almost all the guys that made up the Billionaire's Club and the Private Member's Club. I pushed all of them away but Gabriel wouldn't budge.

Coming back here after several years of being away, a wave of nostalgia hits me hard as I remember all that we shared in this same club with different business-minded men who have come from different backgrounds with one sole aim; success.

I love being a part of the club because of their thirst for more wealth, power and more success. Every one of us wanted to keep topping the rankings of the billionaire members in New York.

I blow out a sigh and look down for a while, wondering why the thought of Helena is back now.

Exhaling deeply, I look up as I venture further into the club, glancing around for Gabriel. We planned to meet her so he can find me a girl to talk to about the contract and the conditions.

I just hope it will go well and I won't have to deal with a bitch.

I remember Isabella's rejection and to be honest, I was hurt a bit. I was tempted to fire her but I can't go through the process of looking for another Personal Assistant with this heavy workload. Besides, Isabella is hardworking and she is good at what she does.

She would have been the best girl for the job. But I don't want to be paranoid. I will look for another girl to do the job for me and after a year, that will be all.

I spot Gabriel in the same VIP section we used to sit in and discuss before moving upstairs where the members of the Private Members meet, discuss, have fun, play games, and go home with ladies to warm their bed.

I was not the type to go home with a lady because Helen was always at home waiting for me to come back home. She is anti-social and she hates it when I attend the meeting every weekend. 

Most of the members of our club are into the Mafia and that was why she hated the idea of going with me or even meeting any of them.

I sigh as I approach Gabriel's table. I notice there are two women beside him, laughing and drinking with him.

I recognize the first woman as his wife, Sabrina but the other woman is not someone I know.

Gabriel looks up and he beams in happiness. He waves at me, making the girls turn to see me close by.

I walk faster, ignoring the irritation in my stomach at the large crowd and the loud music.

I want to get done with all of this and be out of here.

Gabriel stands up to shake my hand and we hug briefly.

I nod at his wife and the other lady in greeting before sitting opposite them.

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