Isabella's POV

A lump of dread gets stuck in my throat when our eyes interlock and I look away quickly as guilt and embarrassment sip through me.

I can't believe my boss and I are meeting in a club and I don't know why he is this pissed at me for being in a club.

Eventually, I swallow the lump, gulping loudly and nodding my head at him.

The music has started already and I scan my eyes to look for Juliet where I left her. She isn't there. 

I left her there because I wanted to use the restroom. We haven't talked about the reason why I am here because she is ranting about some stuff that I haven't been paying attention to.

My mind was miles away. 

Thinking. Debating. Wondering. And wishing.

"Isabella, I said what are you doing here?" He grabs me again, speaking in a low tone but with gritted teeth.

I want to talk but I can't find my voice. How can I tell him I am here to talk to my friend about his offer? Or I am here to take away my sorrows by having a good dance and drinking all night long?

"I…I..am..here with my friend", I stammer, avoiding his icy glare as my heart begins to race again.

"A friend?" He demands with disbelief. "A guy?"

I raise a brow and look up at him because of the tone he is using to ask me if the friend I am here with is a guy.

Why does he sound possessive? 

"No", I shake my head vigorously. "My friend, Juliet'', I point towards where Juliet and I were sitting earlier. Fortunately, she is back on the seat. 

He turns slowly and watches Juliet who is shaking her body to the music slowly and drinking while waiting for me to show up so we can dance together.

I see a flash of relief washing through his expression as he heaves a deep sigh before turning back to me.

"Good night", he mutters, like someone tired of seeing my face or probably tired of being here.

What is he doing here too? Jayden is not one to go to clubs and parties. Is he here for a business meeting?

Before I can realize what he means by good night, he walks past me.

"Wait", I say before I can stop myself from blurting out. "Wait, sir", I rephrase.

He halts in his tracks without turning back. When he finally turns to face me squarely, I lean my head down again. "I'm sorry for what I did earlier. I didn't…"

"Isabella", he cuts me short. I raise my head and see him glancing around, making it obvious to me that we are in a club, somewhere not convenient for this type of conversation. "See you tomorrow."

With that, he twirls back and within minutes, he is gone.

Did he just say see you tomorrow? Does that mean I still have my job? Why is he this calm and soft on me? Has he forgiven me?

Unconsciously, a smile teases my lips and I jog over to where Juliet is sitting. 

Suddenly, I remember I haven't gotten a solution to my problem yet. 

My grandmother is still at home, bedridden. I still need to look for a way to get the money required for her surgery. 

Not getting fired from my job isn't the only problem I have. I have others of which my grandmother's surgery is the most important. Others can follow afterward.

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