Jayden's POV

Tapping my feet impatiently on the polished hard floor, the elevator door dings open and I stroll out with my briefcase.

I take long eager strides towards my office, wanting to get in, call Isabella and force her to do my bidding. She is my employee and this is just like every normal job I can force her to do for me in the office.

I can't possibly make do with all these girls throwing themselves at me to eventually seduce me to their bed and ruin my vows.

I can't do that. Isabella is the woman I need. She is the one I need for one year. She is submissive and controllable. 

Shaking my head at the thought of trying once more to get a girl, probably from a church or a dating site, I enter the office, ignoring the greetings of a staff member who walked past me.

I stride to the high-backed office chair and slouch in before tapping on the intercom. It rings for a while before she picks it up.

"Come to my office now!" I command with implacable authority.

After dropping the receiver without waiting for her reply, I realize taking this the hard way on her isn't the solution. I am not going to beg her either. First, I need to know her decision before telling her mine.

She is the best of all the girls I have gotten so far. When I got home last night, I searched through my contact list from high school, looking for a suitable candidate for the position of a wife in my home.


No one is good for the position. They are all the same. 

What if Isabella rejects the offer again? Why is she even rejecting the offer?

I can't point to a particular reason why she is rejecting outrightly without giving it any thought and trying.

The knock on the door jerks me out of my reverie. 

"Come in", I echo my permission for her to come in, adjusting in my seat and ready to face her.

She enters, dressed in a straight leather skirt that clung to her body tightly and an office blue shirt.

I am not the type to take note of my employee's outfits but I am doing that today for my Assistant because of what I want from her. I need to know almost everything about her personal life and her mode of dressing needs to be satisfactory.

I doubt if I have ever seen her dressed this way but I feel it is because I haven't been noticing her dressing before now.

She is also wearing leather boots and her hair is packed in a bun, making me wonder what it would be like to see her hair down.

"Good morning, Mr. Russell", she greets benignly with her hands clasped behind her and her head lowered.

"Good morning, Isabella", I reply. "Sit."

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