Chapter 2 - A Wife’s Silent Scars

Nicholai arrived at the Dreame Café with brows furrowed. He was looking around, obviously looking for me. I waved my hand for him to see where I was sitting.

He saw me immediately and walked over to me.

"Let's go," he said when he arrived at the table where I was sitting.

"Wait." I quickly finished the coffee I ordered. After I finished drinking, I took my shoulder bag and wore it on my shoulder. "Let’s go," I told him while smiling.

We went out of the Café together and walked to where his expensive car was parked. It was an Aston Martin One. I rolled my eyes. Boys and their toys.

He opened the door for me. I thanked him before getting inside and sat on the passenger's seat. He turned around and got into the driver's seat.

"I thought you're with your beloved boyfriend?" he asked while raising his brow as he started the car's engine.

I suddenly frowned at what he said. He was teasing me again. He always did that.

"He went back to the Law Firm because I told him you are all waiting for me to leave," I said to him with a glare.

"Stop glaring at me. Why do you seem to be blaming me? You are the one who forgot about our plan."

I sighed and just leaned on my seat. "I'm sorry, okay? I was so excited to meet Philip that I forgot that our family had a plan today. Tsk!

"Whatever. But you already owe me. You said you'd do everything that I want." He smirked.

"Fine. Just don't let me touch the snake, like before, because I will really kill you, Nic." The brute just laughed at me. Damn! Annoying.

Before, I didn't know that he would make me do that when I lost once in our game. I cried a lot then. I was so pissed with him that time. If he really tried to do it again, friendship was really over!

I was startled when his phone suddenly rang. It was so loud. I saw a woman's name, Cheni, calling. His phone was just on the dashboard, and I could clearly see it.

Cheni? My best friend? I haven't heard anything from her for a week already. Why was she calling Nic?

"Cheni's calling. Is that Cheni, my best friend?" I asked him with scrutinizing eyes.

"Yes. Why?" He chuckled.

"What ?! What are you doing to my best friend? Hey, Nicholai!"

"You are overreacting. She lost your contact. She saw me one time at Starry Hub and asked for it and also mine. And I don't know why after that she keeps on calling me."

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