Chapter 1 - A Wife’s Silent Scars

I simply sat at the table near the Dreame Café’s counter while sipping the coffee that I ordered.

I was waiting for Phillip. We agreed to meet today. It had been a week since we met. That was why I was so happy when he suddenly wanted to meet up.

I glanced at the counter when the door suddenly opened and closed loudly. A woman came out, and her face was unable to paint because of annoyance. She was petite, had bob-cut hair, and was also strict to look at. Her face was familiar.

I frowned as I tried to remember where I saw the woman until she left the café. My eyes widened as I realized who it was. It was Olive Ramirez. A well-known psychiatrist in the metro. What was she doing inside the office of the cafe?

When did you become a person who gossip about someone else’s life, Denima?

I shook my head and just shrugged it off.

Exactly when she came out, I saw Philip entering the door of the Café. I immediately smiled as he walked closer to me.

“Hey, Love. Sorry for making you wait. Something came up in the firm.” Phillip kissed me on the cheek as he got beside me.

He was only five minutes late. It was okay. I know he was a bit busy now compared to before. His Law Firm was still new. And I understand that it needed a lot of his time.

“It’s okay, Love. You’re just five minutes late, ”I replied with a smile.

He sat down in front of me and held my hand. “It’s not okay, Love. I know I’ve been busy for the past few days and we didn’t see each other for a week. I hope you understand that I’m just doing this for our future. ”

"What are you saying? It's really okay.” I chuckled. "You know your girlfriend is very understanding." I grinned at him. He laughed at what I said.

“Damn! How can I live without you, hmm? ” He brought my hand to his lips and kissed it. Even though he probably did this to me a few times, I still couldn't help but shudder.

Philip was very handsome. I love the thickness of his eyebrows and the long and curved lashes of his eyes. Accompanied by his sharp nose and red lips that I would never be tired of looking at. And his body? Well… He got muscles in the right places. He was perfectly lean.

He stopped kissing my hand when suddenly my phone rang on the table.

I glanced at it and saw that Nicholai was calling. What else does this man need? Tsk!

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