Chapter 3 - A Wife’s Silent Scars

My eyes automatically flew to where Nicholai was sitting. He was looking at me intently while holding a glass of liquor. He was moving the glass while staring at me.

The annoyance was evident on his face. I raised an eyebrow at him and grinned. I saw how his eyes turned darker as he licked his lower lip.

"Here.” My eyes drifted to Hazel as she placed something in my hand. It was salt and lemon.

"Birthday, boy! Come here," Hazel called to Nicholai. He immediately stood up and approached us.

"What?" he asked, annoyed.

"Seriously? It's your birthday, but your face looks like someone just died." I laughed at what Hazel said.

"You better ask that lady beside you why I am acting like this," he scoffed.

"Oh? What did I do?" My innocent answer. I really wanted to laugh. I did not know. I loved it when he got annoyed.

"Shut up and just greet me!" he said with gritted teeth.

I widened my eyes as if shocked by what he said. "Oh my God! Sorry! Did I not greet you? Happy birthday, Nicholai." I gave him a hug and then let go. I raised my hands, holding up a glass of tequila and salt and lemon on the other side. "Body shot," I said and then gave him a wink.

"You should be thankful I can’t resist being mad at you."

"What did you say?" I asked while my forehead creased. He hissed and grabbed my arm. He pulled me into the middle. They actually put a beach lounge chair there.

"Hoooo! Body shot! Body shot!" All of his cousins ​​cheered while looking at us.

This was not really new. We had always done this even before. And there was no malice—just a game.

"Where do you want?" I asked him. He smirked at me and then suddenly took off his shirt.

They shouted again. This man was really showing off. My eyes trailed from his broad chest down to his abs.

Damn those abs! You could make it as a viand.

I laughed mentally.

You naughty Denima! Did you forget that you already have a boyfriend?

I frowned. . I was just admiring the view. There was nothing wrong with that. Nicholai's body was really exceptional.

Nicholai lay down on the beach lounge and made his arm as his pillow.

"I want it here," he said and then pointed to his abdomen, on his abs specifically.

Shit! This man was such a brute. He was smirking as he lay in the lounge like a prince.

I felt like I wanted to call Hazel and ask for more tequila. One bottle would be worth it.

"Seriously? There?" I said while chuckling.

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