Chapter 4 - A Wife’s Silent Scars

The moment Nicholai's lips crashed to mine, my mind became blank. I couldn't think straight anymore. My body was ruling. It was like I wanted to reach something I didn’t know.

The way his lips moved on mine was making me want more. I felt even hotter. It was as if my body was ablaze more with every touch of his hand on me.

My knees started to wobble. It was as if I was about to fall to the ground. A little bit more, and I'm really going to fall.

It was as if Nicholai felt I was falling. He put my hands on his nape, and in a swift motion, he was already carrying me with him and pressed my back on the wall. My leg spontaneously wrapped around his waist and held on to his neck tightly.

I gasped when he bit my lower lip. I moaned when he inserted his tongue inside my mouth, tasting me. When he was done with my mouth, he trailed his lips down to my neck—giving me wet kisses.

I closed my eyes because of the sensation that he was doing to me. He knew how to make me turned on even more.

Another moan escaped from my mouth when he started to dry hump me while his lips moved down to my collarbone, licking and sucking it at the same time.

"Nic ... W-What are you doing to me?" He moved his head back to face me and looked at me with darkly smoldering eyes.

"Shhh ... I will make you feel good. Trust me. I'm going to make you taste heaven, Denima." When he said that, I felt even more inflamed.

Am I still feeling normal? I do not know. I just want to die down the heat that I'm feeling. And Nicholai knew how. He knew very well how to make me feel it all over my body.

I looked up again when he kissed my jaw up to my ear. He licked my earlobe and bit it, earning a soft cry from me, which was my weakness. He continued his sweet assault on my ear, making me weak.

"This night will not end until I make you mine."

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