Chapter 5 - A Wife’s Silent Scars

It was as if my head was breaking in pain when I woke up the next day. I groaned when I felt sore all over. My body felt so drained and heavy. I felt so exhausted.

I opened my eyes and saw the white ceiling. My forehead creased. My eyes caught the window that was slightly open on the side of the room, just enough for the sunlight to enter from outside, saying that it was already morning.

My eyes wandered to myself. My eyes widened from the sight. I lifted the blanket and saw that I did not have any clothes on my body.

I sat up and sighed when I saw someone next to me in bed.

Confusion was written on my face while looking at Nicholai, who was still sleeping in the bed, naked.

No! No! No! This couldn’t be happening!

I tried to remember what had happened. The last thing that I remembered, I was at the shore drinking with Nicholai's cousin after he walked out.

Another memory flashed. I was with Nicholai already. We were in the kitchen, and he gave me a glass of water to drink. After that, everything was blurry.

How did I end up sleeping with Nicholai?

I groaned again. My head hurts. Damn liquor! Damn hangover!

I roamed my eyes around the room. This was not the room where I was staying! My eye caught our clothes scattered on the floor.

Fuck! It was so apparent that something really happened between us. I could even feel that I was sore down there.

I cupped my head with both of my hands

Holyshit! Denima! What really happened?

I might have been drunk last night, but there was no way that I would allow myself to sleep with Nicholai.

I saw how his eyes opened slowly.

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