The Four Beta Brothers

The Four Beta Brothers

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Synopsis about The Four Beta Brothers

Everything is going perfectly in Juniper's life, when her best friend, Moira, betrays her by spreading rumors that Juniper sleeps with teachers to gain her perfect grades. The whole school turns on Juniper after hearing this, and she becomes the object of bullying. She has no one left on her side until the four sons of the beta transfer to her school, making a splash in the school news. Everyone wants to become the brother’s friends, but the brothers all end up interested in Juniper. At first, she is grateful for new friends, but what happens when she starts falling in love with all of the them? Will she choose Axel—the bad boy, Asher—her peer of equivalent intelligence, Nathan—the sporty younger brother, or Ethan—her sexy new TA? Even more, what will happen when she discovers the secret the brothers have been keeping from her?
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