Chapter 7 - The Four Beta Brothers


“But luckily for Asher, I don’t like being a third wheel. I’ll take a raincheck on that dinner date, perhaps when it can just be the two of us,” Axel said. He winked at Asher, and Asher’s jaw tensed in response. Axel took a step back, seeming pleased by the reaction. He put two fingers on his forehead before saluting us. “See yah around.”

Asher didn’t say anything as Axel walked away. Even after Axel was out of sight, Asher was stiff. I reached for his hand, feeling guilty.

“I’m sorry if I upset you,” I said. It was obvious he hated that I invited his brother to join us.

Asher shook his head, and his mood disappeared with it. A moment later, he smiled brightly. “You did nothing wrong, June. You were just being nice. Axel just… riles me up sometimes. He’s a good guy, but he enjoys torturing me too much.”

“Isn’t that a brotherly thing to do?” I asked. I didn’t have any of my own siblings, but from what I had seen from