My Fated Human Luna

My Fated Human Luna

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Chapter: 181
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Synopsis about My Fated Human Luna

Sabrina Piper is a 24-year-old nurse and mother. She has been married for three years to a man she thought loved her but she is about to find out that love isn't enough. She has to decide what is best for her and her three year old daughter. She refuses to be another statistic that forgives a man that didn't care enough to stay faithful to her. What will she do next? Archer Lyons is a twenty five year old lawyer who happens to be the Alpha of the Scarlett Howl Pack. He has been patiently waiting to find his fated Luna. His parents want him to take a chosen mate but he refuses to give up on his gift from the goddess. When he finds out who she is and her history will he be so eager to accept her?
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