Chapter 3 - My Fated Human Luna

Sabrina POV

I arrive at Tracey's house and try to compose myself before I head inside. She opens the door and immediately pulls me into a hug. "I don't know what the hell is going on but whatever it is, I'm here for you." She really is the best friend anyone could ever hope for. She pulls back and wipes the tears that I'm sure are all over my face. Shuttting and locking the door, she leads me over to the couch. "Did Gabby stay asleep?" "Yes now tell me what the hell happened?" I take a deep breath and tell her how delusional I've been thinking my husband loved me. "Greg has been screwing some girl named Megan."

The shock on her face would be comical if it it wasn't because of my f**ked up situation. "Are you sure I can't believe he would do that to you." "Do you think I would have left if I wasn't sure Tracey?" "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be an a**hole I just can't believe that he has been cheating on me." I tell her everything that happened tonight. "So he never told you how long its been going on." "No but it wasn't just a one time thing, this has been going on." "John your douche of an ex brought it up today and I didn't want to believe it but when I saw the messages everything crashed around me."

"What are you going to do now Brina?" Her nickname for me from when we were kids makes me smile. "I don't know Tracey but I will not be married to a man who is unfaithful to me." "I am going to take a day or two to get my head on straight and then call a lawyer." "You know you can stay here with Gabby as long as you need to." "Thanks I don't know what I would do without you." I hug her and she walks me upstairs to the spare bedroom. "Brina you know he never deserved you and you will find someone who would never even look in another woman's direction." "Your sweet and I love you but the last thing on my mind is finding another man who will probably do the same thing to me." "I just need to focus on Gabby and nursing." She hugs me one more time before I head into the bedroom.

Gabby is sprawled out on the big bed and seeing her so innocent lying there brings a smile to my face. As much as my heart is broken right now, I have to be alright for her. I go into the bathroom and splash water on my face. I come out and slide in next to my baby girl, pulling her close to me. I run my fingers through her golden curly hair that matches mine and I make a promise to myself to be strong for her. I will survive this and come out on the other side stronger.

Greg POV

I can't believe what just happened. I never thought she would find out. She has always been so trusting and naive. What the hell would possess her to go through my phone? I pick up the phone reading the messages Megan sent me. I dial her number and put the phone to my ear. "I didn't think I would hear from you tonight but I'm glad you called." "This is not a good call Megan, my wife read your messages." "Good now we don't have to keep sneaking around ." I roll my eyes and take a deep breath before I speak to this stupid b**ch.

"Are you crazy I have no intentions of leaving my wife." "You knew what this was from the very beginning and that has not changed." "So, why are you calling me Greg to tell me its over because your stupid wife found out." "No but if you want to keep f**king around we are going to have to be even more careful." "That's only if you understand this is purely s*x, I love my wife I just need variety." She laughs "I guess I should be happy I'm not married to you if that is what you think love is." "Shut up Megan I will be over to your place tomorrow after my shift." I hang up and head upstairs to our room. Once she calms down, I'll beg for forgiveness and promise to never do it again. I will not lose my family over a f**k buddy.

Sabrina POV

I drop Gabby off at daycare and head to the hospital for my shift. When I walk in, Tracey is waiting by the station for me. "Are you going to be ok to work today?" "Actually, it is the best thing for me to keep my mind off a**hat." She laughs and I pick up my first chart, heading to the patient's room. When I walk in, Willow is already assessing the patient. She turns to me, giving me orders before she leaves me with the patient. She is a great doctor and I hate to see her leave. I start the patient's IV as she ordered and once I'm done I head back to the station. A huge bouquet of flowers is sitting on the station. I have always been a hopeless romantic and I love flowers. I start to walk to the next patient's room when Melissa calls me over. She is another nurse we work with. "Your husband must really love you to send such beautiful flowers." I look back at the bouquet and I want to puke.

I turn back to Melissa "can you give them to a patient who hasn't gotten any flowers please and just throw the card away." She looks like I just punched her but we don't know each other well enough for her to ask me what's wrong. I don't say anymore and head to the next patient. At lunch time I head to the break room and Tracey is sitting with Willow. I pray she didn't say anything to her about Greg. "Hey guys, how was the bar last night?" "Sabrina, what is going on with you and your husband?" I shoot daggers at Tracey. She raises her hand in surrender. "I didn't say a word, I swear." I turn back to Willow "she didn't tell me Melissa did about the flowers."

I swear these women love to gossip. "Really, Willow, it's nothing." "I thought we were friends, Sabrina." "We are, it's just not something I want to talk about." "Ok but just know this I am here if you do need to talk to someone other than Tracey and my brother is a lawyer." I laugh "I really appreciate that." "Hey I'm the best friend don't try to sway her with your big bad lawyer brother." We all laugh and for the first time since yesterday I'm not thinking about my shitty marriage. After lunch, I go back to seeing patients until it's time to go home. I pull into the daycare to pick up Gabby and notice a patrol car sitting outside. Son of b**ch, he came here because he thinks I won't make a scene at our daughters' daycare.

I head inside and Greg is holding Gabby. "Mommy, daddy came to surprise me." "I see that sweetheart isn't that nice." "Are you ready to go see Aunt Tracey and have a sleep over?" She screams and squirms, so Greg has to put her down. I wave to the daycare workers and turn for the door. "Sabrina, wait we need to talk." I don't stop and when I reach my car I start to strap Gabby in. "Sabrina, you need to talk to me." I turn and in a whisper tone I say "I am not going to do this in front of our daughter." "Now leave before I make the scene you were so desperate to avoid." I wave at Joe, Greg's partner, sitting in the patrol car. Greg steps back and I go around getting in the driver's side of my car. "Bye princess daddy will see you later" he says to Gabby. "We are going to talk Sabrina you are my wife." I start the car "good luck with that I stopped being your wife when you met Megan." I don't give him a chance to respond and drive off.