His Hidden Luna

His Hidden Luna

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Chapter: 122
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Synopsis about His Hidden Luna

When Jackson Carter, future Alpha of the Platinum Moon Pack, turns 17 he is appalled to discover that wolf-less orphan Rose is his promised mate. Surely the Moon Goddess has made a mistake? He deserves a Beta's daughter right? or at the very least a Gamma’s? But he loves Rose without hesitation and knows that the Moon Goddess can sometimes work in mysterious ways. His violent and judgemental father, however, married a Luna's daughter and would never accept that a lowly and abandoned Omega child would be good enough for his only heir. If only he were the Alpha already, he could protect his mate and make sure that nothing would ever harm her. Believing that the only way to protect Rose is to keep his love for her a secret, Jackson leaves the pack to undergo intense Alpha training. His only focus is to return to the Pack and claim his title and his mate. But will his father just let his position go? And what will he do when he finds out about Rose? Because it seems that Jackson isn’t the only one keeping secrets…..
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