Chapter 1 - His Hidden Luna

Werewolf Time Line

Age 13 - Werewolf children get their wolf. One second past midnight on their 13th Birthday, their wolf can start to communicate with the human side.

Full Moon after 13th Birthday - Werewolf children first shift into their wolf. After the first shift, they gain all their werewolf traits, improved speed, sight, hearing, strength and the ability to start healing themselves from injury.

Age 17 - A wolf will be able to recognize their 'Mate' for the first time.

Mated - Wolves meet their peak physical fitness when mated. If the Moon Goddess has bestowed any additional gifts on her children, then the wolf will start to notice....


Rose - 12 years Old

'Rose' I stopped my homework and removed my earpods. That was the third time I thought I'd heard my name being called. I looked around the tiny bedroom. Other than Henry, who shared my room, working on his own assignment, I was on my own.

"Did you say something H?" I asked him.

"I said 'School Sucks' but that was a while ago"

I chuckled a little and went back to looking through the text I was working on.


"There it goes again and I've not even got my music on this time. Are you sure you're not playing tricks on me?"

"No! I've already told you that!"

"LIGHTS OUT ORPHANS" The unmistakable shout of the Gamma reached us through our closed door. There was a 9pm curfew on this floor. Not that any of us complained, we had a roof over our heads and satisfied stomachs, it could be so much worse, we could be Rogues.

Henry and I dove into our respective single beds and I switched out our shared lamp. We listened to the heavy footsteps of the Gamma walking down the corridor, checking to see if any lights still shone from within the bedrooms. After a while, everything went quiet. Henry pulled a torch and a comic out from under his bed, whilst I kept completely still.

'Rose?' There was no whispering now. This was a clear voice in my head.

'Who are you?' I whispered back out loud.

'I am Atara, I am your wolf. Please don't say anything else out loud.' I sat bolt upright in fright.

Henry looked at me. "What's the matter with you?"

Although Henry had been my best friend for over five years, something stopped me from telling him what had me on edge.

"Nothing, it's just your torchlight! It's irritating me!" I grabbed my pillow out from under my head and shoved it on my face. I was a terrible liar, so having something covering my face helped.

'Good Girl.'

'I'm only 12, so you shouldn't be here yet!' I told her with as much soon-to-be-teenaged attitude as I could muster. Even though I was really scared.

'And yet here we are.' She replied patiently. 'Now you are very young, so I won't bore you with all the details, but you must not tell anyone we have spoken. We can communicate with each other when ever you like, but you must keep me hidden at all costs.'

'Why?' I asked frustated. 'I'm already an outcast here, they call me the trash can kid' The Beta's daughter Stacey had awarded me that nick-name because my parents left me on the border of the territory when I was a baby. She probably had some help coming up with it, what she had in beauty she lacked in brains. There was no way she could think it up alone.

'It's for your own safety.'

I yelped as the pillow was ripped away from my face. The Gamma was looking down at me with a smile that didn't quite touch his eyes.

"Hey there Rose! The Alpha would like to see you."