Bullied by Twin Alphas

Bullied by Twin Alphas

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Chapter: 38
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Synopsis about Bullied by Twin Alphas

On her 18th birthday, Lilith finds her mate. Or rather, mates. They’re cruel and heartless, and have been since middle school. But as soon as one of them realizes she’s their mate, a switch is flipped, and they’re lovesick pups. Unfortunately, Wyatt and Xander Lake have been forced into a match since they were kids. They never wanted it, but it was unavoidable to bring two packs together. Someone new has entered the bond, and it shocks everyone involved in Liliths life, in more ways than one. Jealous ex-girlfriends, new territory, and a stronger force faces Lilith and her mates, and they all have to learn to fight for each other instead of with each other if they’re going to be able to save each other.
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