Chapter 9 - Bullied by Twin Alphas

“Hey babe, you ready to mingle with the other packs and get more acquainted with Silver Mountain?” Sherri looped her arm through mine, startling me.

“Holy shit, Sherri, you almost gave me a heart attack.” I laughed, placing my hand over my heart. It was beating fast, but it was hard for us wolves to actually have heart attacks. She eyed me up and down, a weird look on her face.

“What are all these little red marks on you?” She poked on a few of them. I looked down and gasped. Xavier had left little marks on me! I pulled Sherri into my room, slamming the door. “Alright spill. Why do you smell like sweaty action, and what are those marks all over you?”

“I lost my virginity.” It flew out of my mouth before I could stop myself, and both of our eyes widened. Sherri laughed and pulled me to my bed, sitting us down.

“You smell like it! What happened! Details please!” And I spilled. All the details; the way he looked, the way he sme