A Love Story Of Hate

A Love Story Of Hate

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Chapter: 64
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Synopsis about A Love Story Of Hate

it's started because of my addiction but it turned into love making. Yes, a love making. the way we touch each other, the way we look at each other, the way we feel each other. it's shows how much we are in love. it's was my wish but it's turn out into desire to become each other. today we not only make love but also touch each other's soul. He claims me gently with love and respect. after a long love making he lay beside me and took her in his arms. we both were still lost in each other and after some time I slept peacefully in each his arms. . Next day I decided to confess my feeling with him but everything changed. I am madly in love with him, a while before I decided to confess what I fell for him… I love him so much that I can die for him. And you know what I am dying not for him.. but because of him. He is pointing his gun toward me. At the center of my forehead. I am in shock. Everything has changed a couple of time. The person with whom I wanted to spend my whole life, wants to kill me. I am speechless, I don't know what to say , I am staring at him with teary eyes asking him why he did this to me.. To which he replies.. "I HATE YOU" . I don't know how to react. As soon as I respond a bullet strikes me. I fell on the ground whispering my last words "I LOVE YOU SID" . But wait.. This is not ending.. It's just the beginning of our story. A love story of hate..
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