Chapter 5 - A Love Story Of Hate

No One Pov


Ahana stands from the chair and near Sid. where Sid, also gets up from his chair and stands in front of Ahana. Both were looking at each other's eyes and they both had an evil smile on their face.

"Laughing a lot?" She said while smiling...

"A lot" he replied

"If you say, I will snatch your smile from your face." She asked, to which he laughed sarcastically.

"You can try but trust me you can't," Sid said. The smile disappeared from Ahana's face. She was looking at Sid.

Sid picks up the glass of water from the table and starts pouring water over the Ahana head. she was shockingly looking at him, where Zoya and Sameer also shocked what happened all of a sudden?

As soon as the glass is empty, Sid vigorously put the glass on the table... And then walks away from home. Where Ahana was just watching him go.

Zoya quickly went to her room and brought a towel and covered Ahana. She looks at Ahana who is still looking towards the door. Ahana herself didn't realize she was crying.

"Ahana," Zoya said softly. Ahana looks towards Zoya.

"I will kill him?" She said angrily to Zoya.

"Ahana relax ok... Nothing had happened. Sid Bhai says and does anything in anger. Please stop crying" Zoya tried to calm her down.

Zoya tells Sameer to feed Aarzoo and then she takes Ahana with herself to the room.

Ahana had tears in her eyes. Sid's words revolve in her mind "you can try but trust me you can't". Zoya makes her sit on the bed and then wipes her tears.

"I will not let this thing go so easily," she said to Zoya.

she herself didn't even know why she didn't do anything at that time but her tears were not stopping. Where Zoya was only trying to calm down her.

After a while Ahana calms down a bit, Zoya wipes her tears with love.

"I felt my sister makes other people cry but here, you are crying. Now stop crying and change your clothes." Zoya said to Ahana.

she just nods her head in yes and then gets the clothes out of her bag, to change and goes to the washroom. As soon as Ahana leaves, Zoya sits on the bed, her eyes in tears.



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