Chapter 4 - A Story of Struggle


— The engagement

Engagement is an important pre-wedding function in almost all religions. When there is an engagement in Hindus, both boys and girls wear rings in each other’s fingers. On this occasion, the main members of both the boy and the girl’s family are present. On this occasion, turban is tied to the elders of the house. Clothes are exchanged between the two families. Everyone is fed sweets. All give each other gifts. On the occasion of engagement, Khushboo and her future husband took blessings of all elders.

— Mehandi program

This program is done according to the auspicious time. On this occasion, Mehandi was applied to the hands and feet of Sajan’s sister. Women from home and neighborhood sing traditional songs on this program. The woman who applies mehandi on Sajan’s sister’s hand is given money and sweets.

— Women’s Music Festival

On this occasion, women from home and neighborhood dance to music. This is a happy occasion. Traditionally, the women of the neighborhood started playing dholak and harmonium on this occasion. Some women also sang songs. Almost all the women danced. This festival created an atmosphere of happiness in the entire house.

— Turmeric Festival

plying mehandi. Turmeric is considered auspicious in Indian traditions. This turmeric is also known as ubtan in many


ars a saree. Children – old – young, boys – girls all participate in Bindoli. On this day, musical instruments are played which play the song. Traditional and modern – all kinds of 

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ion is tied up at the girl’s house. The pavilion can be built in many ways. In Khushboo’s wedding, the pavilion was tied with banana trees. “Havan vedi”

e was first fed sweet rice. After this, both the boy and the girl we

or havan. Some of the main

oth, Sandalwood, Vermilion, Tulsi leaf, Banana leaf, camphor, Ghee, R

it started reciting marriage mantras. A fire was lit in the “Havan vedi”. The boy and the girl took 7 rounds

baraatis were served food. About 5000 guests had co

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hile leaving the house, tears came in Khushboo’s eyes. She throws five handfuls of ri

family also did many programs. The first reception ceremony

to the newly married couple. It is attended by the family and relatives of&