Chapter 5 - A Story of Struggle


Now, a few days of marriage were spent that family members also asked Sajan to get married. Sajan said that I will marry the girl whom I like myself. The family members obeyed him.

Sajan’s house was now starting to look quite small. So Sajan first decided to build a house for himself and his family members. He went to a zamindar (landlord) of the village. That landlord owned several acres of land. He used to give his land to other farmers for farming. In return, he used to collect tax from farmers. His house was built on a high hill. Everyone from the village knew the zamindar. The landlord’s house was spread in about half a bigha of land. The walls of his house rested on huge pillars. The walls were made of bricks. Those walls were painted green. Clothes were tied on every wall. These clothes were tied for decoration. There was a big courtyard in that house. There were 10 rooms all around the courtyard. The house was a storey. 2 people were guarded outside the house. The landlord had 6 people who fought the peasants on the orders of the zamindar and forced them to collect tax. In short, the zamindar lived quite proudly.

When Sajan went to the zamindar’s house, the zamindar was sitting in a chair. He was eating his wife’s handmade food. He had a bronze plate in his hand, in which there were 4 silver bowls. These bowls had different greens. He was eating this greens with bread. He was also drinking Kheer in the middle. He was immersed in the joy of food.

Sajan reached the zamindar’s house and bowed first to him.

The zamindar said – how are you Sajan? We have listened, You have made a lot of progress.

Sajan – Yes | A little bit.

Landlord – How are your family members?

Sajan – All of them are fine.

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the auspicious time for home worship. Coconut, pure water, kumkum, rice, turmeric etc. were given to the Pandit. The Pandit performed the house puja while reciting the mantra. Now everyone could enter the house. On seeing this, people faile