Chapter 1 - A Pureblood Slave

*4 years later*

Run. Hide. Don't look back.

These are the words I've been living by for the past 4 years. It's been 4 years since the Purebloods risen to power. My family and I have been run every since trying to find any safe place which is very hard to find since they are everywhere. One mistake and it will cost you. I've learned this many times by watching other humans like us trying not to get captured. You can't trust anyone and can never stay at one place for too long is what they've demonstrated. The only ones I trust are my family, they are the only people I have left. We've been through so much these past 4 years. From our friends and other family members being captured, and almost being caught a couple times but we left just in time.

"We're here," my dad announces. We all nod our heads in response. None of us really talk anymore unless needed because they are always lurking around every corner.

It gets quite tiring having to walk and run everywhere, but at least my dad had time to train my brother and I before we had to escape our home town. We are now thousands of miles away from there.

We find a run down abandoned building and decide that's where we'll be staying for the next couple of days. Looking around I find a room that will be just duable for the time being. I whistle a bird call to my other family members to let them know I've found a spot. Moments later they all come in and we all decide to get some rest for the night.



hear light footsteps. In panic I move closer to my s

omeone's here," I loudly whisper to her

heir sleep and look at my sister trying to fight off the Pureblood but it's not working. It has her pinned to the wall by her neck blocking her air way. My dad

BACK!" my dad yells as a


father yells c

" my mom says before my sister grabs me and starts r