Chapter 2 - A Pureblood Slave

*Miabella's p. o. v.*

I was soundly sleeping until I feel someone shaking me. I ignore it thinking it's just a dream until, "Mia wake up something's wrong. Someone's here," my little brother loudly whispers in my ear. Groaning due to the lack of sleep from the past couple of days to get here.

"What do you wa-" I turn around and my eyes go wide as I'm met with a Pureblood standing a couple feet away from my brother.

Kill. Kill. Kill. I jumped up from the ground and started to run towards the vampire. As I reach it I swing my fist to it's face but it never collides. I look up to see it has a hold of my fist and a smirk dancing on it's lips.

Shit. I'm so dead. It wasn't suppose to be able to catch my hand like that, but yet again they have abnormal strength and reflexes compared to a human. A normal small human girl that only has little experience by fighting dummies and training with other humans.

I'm suddenly torn from my thoughts when the Pureblood gets ahold of my throat at a death like grip and pushes my whole body against the wall. I do all I can to scratch at it's hands and kicking it but it only tightens it grip closing my airway even more. Black spots start to blur my vision. All of a sudden the hand at my throat disappears and I land on the concrete floor with a loud thud. I blink my eyes trying to regain my vision back. When I'm finely able to see clearly I look up to see my mom and dad fighting off the Pureblood.

I get up and feel a little dizzy. I finally get my footing and start to go towards my parents to help them when another Pureblood arrives and my chest drops. Scared was an understatement, hell even terrified was. What am I suppose to do? This has never happened. I was never trained this much. I-I don't know wha-

"RUN NOW! DON'T LOOK BACK!" my dad screams at my brother and me.

Greyson tr

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him we have to go. I don't want to leave them behind because this might be the last time I'll ever see them again. I look over one last time

hildren. I love you" I faintly h

running down and making sure not to slip and fall we make it to the nearest exit. Thankfully the door was unlocked but it was still pretty heav

prisingly not getting whiplash, to only see another 5 Purebloods. Great there's no way we're making it out of this one. I pull Greyson clos

as to how he knows my name I've never seen him a day in my life. He's around 5'11 just like the other 4.

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our brother must come with us" he speaks again. Seriously though this

away from them. Poor Grey is holding onto my shirt for dear life. He does

his face. I don't like the sound of that or the face he's making. I panic and try to run wi

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nt of my body falling but I can't do anything to stop it because my muscles won't respond. Instead of feeling the hard impact of the ground I lightly feel the hold of arms and being lifted bridal-style and being brought towards what looks like to be some sort of