Chapter 5 - A Pureblood Slave

A week has passed and nothing has really happened or changed. Everyday is the same routine. Sleep wake up talk to Alivia eat food talk a little to Oliver and continue to talk to Alivia. Sometimes I'll take a nap since sleep is the only way to escape my nightmare called reality.

There's something about today that seems different. When I woke I just had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I ignore it it's probably nothing anyway or just my body getting more effects due to the lack of nutrients in over 3 months. I twist my body so I have a better angle to look into Liv's cell.

"Psst Liv. Are you awake?" I whispered loudly.

"Ugh just a couple more minutes" she groans turning back over away from me. Great now I have nothing to do but just sit and wait till Oliver gets here.


ybe it hasn't been as long as I thought or he delivers it later than I expected. Either way I wonder what he's doing now. Does he have other work that he has to do besides watch the humans and give us food. I guess I won't know till I'


k to myself looking around frantically searching and hoping for an answer. And the it hits me, it's the end of the week. I'm the one. I'm the one that has been chosen this week to be either sold or killed. I start to panic at the thought of actually being a slave to one of those creatures. I snap back to reality as the vampires' hand that around my arm starts to pull me into a walking motion. I start to panic and can only think to flail arms to try and get out of their stern grip, but it doe

feet away. I push the door open and it reveals a bathroom. Stepping in the space it's a normal full bathroom with a built in closet in the wall filled with towels, shampoo, conditioner, body was, etc. I then look in the mirror for the first time in years. My once lightly tanned skin is now just as pale as the whites of my eyes. My once sparkling green eyes are now dull and dark and lost of all joy. Then my hair, that was once filled with life and smoother than a baby's butt is now frizzy, filled with dirt, and has lost all form complexion. I don't recognize this girl at all. The girl in the mirror looks lifeless. I guess now would be the perfect time to finally be able to take a shower after years of being on the run and months being in a cell. I turn to the shower to find there's already soaps set out for me to use. Before I step I remove my ratty and destroyed clothes. Closing the curtain behind me I turn the shower on and let the water hit my and run down my body to cleanse me. I take some of the soa