Chapter 4 - A Pureblood Slave

*3 months later*

I woke up to the sound of someone screaming. It was an excruciating sound that I've come to memorize. I can't see what's going on but I already know what's happening. It's the end of the week. Another leaves. Another comes. Ever day I've wonder what happens to the people leaving and coming in. Did the person get sold or did they end up killing him/her. Or how did the person that came in end up here. Did they find them and caught them like they did with me. Did they know their name too or is it just me. So many questions that are forever going to be left unanswered.

In the past 3 months me and Alivia have gotten really close that I practically call her my sister. I would protect with every ounce of my being, just like my brother she doesn't deserve any of this. Luckily neither of us have been picked yet. None one here really talks much in fear of being punished. But there are a few that will join in on Alivia and I's conversations once and a while. I've come to learn that one of their so called guards name is Oliver. He's slightly different from the other Purebloods. He has dark black hair and hazel eyes and he's actually pretty tall and slim probably standing at around 6'1. I wonder if he was turned? I don't know. When I first got here he didn't speak except for 'here's your food' or 'here you go' since he's the one that delivers me my 'food'. Then as weeks went by I would just talk to him even though I knew he wouldn't reply but after a while I would earn a small smile from him and a chuckle here and there. Now we actually have casually conversations and he sneaks me extra food when he can. I wish all Purebloods were like this. Instead they want either want to suck your body dry, turn you, or use you as a slave for numerous reasons. It's usually the more powerful and wealthier vamps and Purebloods that have slaves. There's only once difference between a Pureblood and a vampire. Purebloods are the original vampires and their senses are even more heightened than a normal vampire. I've heard that some even possess magical powers like mind reading, telepathy, and other things that I can't remember. Then a normal vampire is human that was turned. There are different social statuses of the vampire society. The top ones a the vampire lords that were directly changed from a Pureblood. There aren't many vampire lords because the odds of surviving a bite from a Pureblood is 10-20%. Then there's the rest that were turned from a vampire lord and there's more of them considering the odds are a lot higher being at 80%. So basically any normal vampire being a lord or not can easily turn you. But anyway Purebloods and vampire lords usually use slaves as maids, cooks, and even sometimes for their own personal pleasure which in other words is sex. It disgusts me how they basically will make us do anything against our will. It's sickening. I shake my head to try to rid of the images trying to flood my head.

is week" I hear Oliver ask a

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h the rise of Purebloods and other vampires I turned to them knowing that it'd be the only way I could survive." After his confession I was left speechless. After a few moments

d. He doesn't deserve any of this, he hasn't even lived yet and I'm scared for his future and where it lies more than mine. The only thing I have left from my family is my light brown hair which I've gotten from both my parents but it's slightly wavy and curly like my mother's except my hair travels down my back where her's was kept short. Then my piercing green eyes with a hint of hazel around the edges that match exactly to my brother's. A perfect mixture between my mother's blue-green eyes and my father's hazel ones. I blink my eyes hoping that the tears starting to form would go away. Little droplets stick to my long dark eyelashes. One slips past my eye and more follow. By now I'm q

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