Chapter 5 - A Night With My Boss


I entered the house and it was dark everywhere. I tried on the switch but it wasn't working.

"Ari, Ariiiiii, Ariana, Girlfriend.." I shouted.

"Oh my gosh what's going on I am already freaking out". Just then the lights went on and I saw everyone around me.

"Whose birthday is it?" I asked.

Everyone started laughing, what the heck is wrong with these people.. I thought mentally palming myself.

Just then I felt someone tap my back. I turned immediately and met Alex on his knee with a box.

"Wow…. Oh my gosh" I squealed.

"Kitten I've been crazy about you every since the first day you stepped into my office for a job, I was just so stupid to notice it, you are unique and I would have loved something big for this occasion but Ariana said you loved it simple" He said smiling widely then he became serious again.

"Mi Amor I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world, on earth itself if you say yes to me today, so Petra will you marry me? be my wife? Let me father all your children? And most especially treat you like the queen you are?".

"Yes Yes Yes Alexandra Yes!!" I said jumping up and down is exciting.

He stood up, carried me turning me around then he placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"I love u kitten" He said with love in his eyes.

"I love u too baby" We kissed again till Kate interrupted us.

"Awwnnnnnn those idiots made the sound

So I just have to prepare for your wedding, it should be as soon as possible because you have to get married before you give birth" Kate said.

Wait a minute, is Alex proposing because I am pregnant.. I felt my heart cling immediately.

"Ma'am I would love to assist" Ari squealed, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Of course dearie, I can't manage it on my own and don't call me ma'am, just Kate".

"Liam is my second son and since he loves you, you are also my daughter just like Petra is" She said hugging Ari.

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