Chapter 6 - A Night With My Boss

(Undergoing surgery)


Arrrrghhhhhh this people are really getting on my nerves, I just got a beep on my phone and the headline I saw was


"Billionaire Playboy Finally Finds Love".


"Omg Alexander Montero is getting married".

"I wish to find someone who will love me this way".

"Can you believe his nickname for her is kitten?".

Every headline with a photo of him proposing to that idiot and a family photo with his mum, best friend and that idiot's best friend also.

I swear I won't let this happen, I won't.

I dialled my surgeon's number.

" Yes ma'am" he answered from the other end

"Prepare for my surgery I'm coming over"

"But ma'am.." He tried to protest

and do as I say

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o complete my surgery before that wedding, t


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